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stuff for the minerals test

Whats an ore? a mineral or rock that contains a useful substance that can be mined at a profit
Whats a gem? a highly prized mineral because of its rareness and beauty
whats a fracture? when minerals break with uneven, rough or jagged structures
Whats the cleavage of a mineral? when minerals break along smooth,flat surfaces
Whats the luster? the way a mineral reflects light (metallic,nonmettalic)
Whats the hardness? the measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched
Whats a mineral? element or compound that has its structures determined by repeating patterns of atoms
What is magma? hot melted rock material
What is a silicate? mineral containing silicon,oxygen and 1 or more elements
Whats the streak? the color of a mineral when its in powder form
What are the characteristics that all minerals share? formed by natural processes,inorganic,element or compund with def. chemical composition and they r crystalline solids
What are the 2 ways that minerals can form? by magma or solutions
What determines the size of a crystal? magma-how fast the magma cools
What does crystalline mean? that atoms are arranges in a pattern thats repeated over and over again.
What are the 7 physical properties used to identify minerals? color,hardness,luster,streak,cleavage,fracture,crystal form and other properties
Who made the Mohs Scale? Friedrich Mohs
What does the Mohs scale help determine? helps determine minerals and how hard they are
What is the hardest and softest mineral on the Mohs scale? hardest: diamonds (used to cut things)Softest: talc
Why are gems more valuaable than other minerals? gems r rare and beautiful they may also b clearer, brighter and more colorful and some gems can be cut and polished to look better
What are some elements in minerals? ores, vein minerals and minerals with titanium
What are some types of ores? iron, aluminum, zinc and titanium
What are ores used in? frying pans, ship parts and magnets
What are some things that have aluminum in them? bikes, sodacans, foil and lightwieght parts for cars
sphalerite is used in what? batteries
What are some things that have titanium in them? golf clubs, racing bike, kneww or hip replacements, car parts, glassframes,tennis rackets, racing and bball wheelchairs
Created by: VaLeRiA!