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Greece vocab


agora an outdoor market place where theatre, religious celebrations, and political meetings took place
plunder valuables seized in wartime
city-state a city that is an individual unit, complete with its own form of government and traditions
oral tradition passing down a story from person to person by word of mouth
Assembly an Athenian governing body of all citizens older than eighteen
helot a slave
myth a traditional story that may contain gods and goddesses and tries to explain events in nature
immortal one able to live forever
aristocracy a government controlled by a small group of wealthy people
democracy a government by the people
marathon a footrace of about 26 miles, the longest race in the Olympics
philosopher a person who studies truth and knowledge
mercenary a hired soldier
plague an epidemic of an often fatal disease
Golden Age a period of time in Ancient Greece ( Athens) when a magnificent temples were built; artists created statues and monuments; philosophers extended human knowledge
Hippocrates Ancient Greek doctor often called the doctor of medicine
Socratic method an approach to teaching developed by the Greek philosopher Socrates involves teaching people to think by asking questions
Hellenistic Age a period of time when ancient Greek and Asian cultures mixed
Alexander the Great King of Macedonia 356 -323 B.C.conquered a vast empire in Europe, Asia, and Africa
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