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dairy science

section one of dairy science

dairy science is the science of (3 things) science of 1. producing 2. processing 3. marketing milk
milk processing in the united states 1990 __lbs 148 billion lbs
milk produced annually in the unitesd states in 2002 ___lbs 169 billion lbs
four types of people involved 1. processors 2. retailor s 3. service 4. supply
number of farms us less than 100,000
number of cows 9.2 million cows
why does the industry exist (4) 1. consumer demand 2. efficient use of resources 3. competitively priced product 4. opportunity for profit
consumer demand is increased by (4 things) 1. population increase 2. per capita demand 3. advertising 4. quality product
quality product includes mainly (2things) taste and saftey
animal efficeince from feed most and least efficent animals dairy cow -- most efficient beef and lamb least efficient
labor efficiency from 1955 to 1988 how has efficience changed efficiency has increased and per cwt has decreased
male (name and weight at birth bull 55-150 lbs
female (name and weight at birth) heifer 50-130 lbs
father cow sire
mother cow dam
male puberty (age and weight) 10-12 months 5-900 lbs
female puberty (age and weight) 6-10 months 4-750 lbs
puberty is influenced by (2things) breed and nutrition
wean from dam cow taken from its mother
wean from milk has to eat big cow food
estrous cycle is how many days long 21 days long
estrus is what and how long is heat and it is 18 hours long
estrus the time period during which a female is sexually receptive
how long does the first breeding last 12-17 months
how many days does gestation last 283
first calving is in how many months 21-26
gestation period during which embryo develops
producer manufacturer of a product
calving giving birth to a calf
freshening to begin lactating
heifer female cow
breeding application of genetic principals to the improvement of farm animals
dry period the time from drying off to re-calving
length of dry period (cow and first calver) regular cow is two months first calvers before there second is three months
zero milk calving (freshening)
zero milk begining of lactation
4-6 weeks peak milk yield
80-120 days rebreeding
305-365 days quit milking and dry off
lactation makes how many lbs of milk 7-35,000 lbs of milk
lactation in gallons 800-4100 gallons
8.6 lbs of milk makes how many gallons 1 gallon
productive life = how many lactations three to four
why is CA popular for dairy? low humidity good location
PA decreasing? all small farm refusal to change
top two dairdy production US and New Zealand
milk sale trends up or down total whole 2 light down, down, up , up
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