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Latin 2-vocab test 2

Test 2 vocab

probo (verb) probare probavi probatum (to test)
pono (verb) ponere posui positum (to put)
delectatio delectationis delight
nepos, nepotis grandson
sol, solis sun
diligens, diligentis diligent
dissimilis, dissimile unlike
gracilis, gracile slender
humilis, humile humble
maior, maius greater
maiores, maiorum ancestors
primus-a-um first
quot as many as
similis, simile similar
superus-a-um above
superi superorum the gods
utilis, utile useful
melior, meliorius better
maior, maiorius greater
peior, peiorius worse
plus more
minor, minus smaller
prior, priorius former
optimus-a-um best
maximus-a-um greatest
pessimus-a-um worst
plurimus-a-um most
minimus-a-um smallest
summus-a-um highest
supremus-a-um highest
cena, cenae dinner
forum, fori forum
lex, legis law
limen, liminis threshold
lux, lucis light
mensa, mensae course
mensa secunda dessert
nox, noctis night
somnus, somni sleep
quidam, quaedamn someone
quiddam, quoddam something
pudicus-a-um modest
superbus-a-um arrogant
tristis, triste sad
turpis, turpe ugly
urbanus-a-um urban
prae in front of
quam than
tantum only
invito (verb) invitare invitavi invitatum (to invite)
arma, armorum weapons
cursus course
luna, lunae moon
occasio, occasionis occasion
parens, parentis parent
stella, stellae star
vesper, vesperis evening
mortuus-a-um dead
princeps, principis chief or leader
ut in order that
ne not
cedo (verb) cedere cessi cessum (to yield to)
dedico (verb) dedicare dedicavi dedicatum (to dedicate)
egeo (verb) egere egui (to need)
expleo (verb) explere explevi expletum (to fill)
praesto (verb) praestare praestiti praestitum (to show)
taceo (verb) tacere tacui tacitum (to be silent)
carus-a-um dear
carior, carius dearer
carissimus-a-um dearest
longus-a-um long
longior, longius longer
longissimus-a-um longest
fortis, forte brave
fortior, fortius braver
fortissimus-a-um bravest
felix, felices happy
felicior, felicius happier
felicissimus-a-um happiest
potens, potentis powerful
potentior, potentius more powerful
potentissimus-a-um most powerful
sapiens, sapientis wise
sapientior, sapientius wiser
sapientissimus-a-um wisest
bonus-a-um good
magnus-a-um great
malus-a-um bad
multus-a-um much
parvus-a-um small
prae, pro before, in front of
facilis, facilie easy
facilior, facilius easier
facillimus-a-um easiest
difficilis, difficile difficult
difficilior, difficilius more difficult
difficillimus-a-um most difficult
similis, simile like
similior, similius more like
simillimus-a-um most like
dissimilis, dissimilise unlike
dissimilior, dissimilius more unlike
dissimillimus-a-um most unlike
gracilis slender
gracilior more slender
gracillimus-a-um most slender
humilis humble
humilior more humble
humillimus-a-um most humble
bene well
fatum, i fate
ingenium nature
moenia walls of a city
nata,natae daughter
osculum, i kiss
sidus, sideris constellation
dignus-a-um worthy
durus-a-um hard, harsh
tantus-a-um so great
denique at last
ita so,
quidem even
ne...quidem not even
sic so,
tam so
vero in truth
condo (verb) condere condidi conditum (to establish)
contendo (verb) contendere contendi contentum (to contend)
mollio (verb) mollire, mollivi, mollitum (to soften)
pugno (verb) pugnare pugnavi pugnatum (to fight)
respondeo (verb) respondere respondi responsum (to answer)
surgo (verb) surgere surrexi surrectum (to arise)
Created by: jessica345