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Unit 7 Water

Federal Water Pollution Control Act was created in the year: 1948
Federal Water Pollution Control Act was revised in 1972 to become: Clean Water Act
The Safe Drinking Water Act was created in: 1974
How many drinking water contaminants did the Safe Drinking Water Act identify? 33
The Wellhead Protection Programs were established in: 1992
What did the Wellhead Protection Program do? established guidelines for digging wells.
What is used in tertiary water treatment to clean the dirty water? charcoal
Ozone is used to "oxidize" contaminants. What does "oxidize" mean? an oxygen attaches to contaminant and neutralizes it.
The solids that settle to the bottom of settling ponds in primary & secondary water treatment: sludge
Why is water in settling ponds smelly? it has a HUGE BOD (very little oxygen)
List 3 ways sludge is disposed of: 1) fertilizer 2) dumped in ocean 3) burned
In step 4 of water treatment, flocs are formed. What are flocs? tiny, sticky particles that attract contaminant and sink to bottom of pond.
when water is aerated, what does that mean? air is blown into water tank to form flocs.
this chemical is added to treated water to strengthen teeth. fluorine
this chemical is used in water treatment to kill any remaining bacterial chlorine (some places use ozone (O3)
It's estimated that ___% of underground storage tanks leak 25
A high BOD value means: LOW oxygen in the body of water; unhealthy
A pond is very healthy and has lots of plants and fish species. Is the BOD high or low? LOW
Toxic chemical in gasoline that makes it deadly. benzene
What is eutrophication? excessive algae growth in a body of water.
What is the main cause of eutrophication? an overload of PHOSPHORUS
List 3 human ways water is contaminated: fertilizer & pesticide runoff; factory point pollution; leaking underground storage tanks
pollution coming directly from a pipe into a waterway. point pollution
What is hard water? water with tons of minerals in it such as calcium and potassium.
How is water made less pure NATURALLY? minerals in rock
upper surface of groundwater that rises and falls dependin on the amount of rain. watertable
the place underground where groundwater is held: aquifer
Define watershed: land area that drains into a body of water.
Define overdraft: when more water is taken out of an aquifer than is put back in.
Define recharge zone: the place on earth where water seeps into ground.
Where water seeps out of ground, also called a spring: discharge zone
____% of Americans get their water from public water plants. 85
List the 3 main uses of water in the US AND the percentages! 1) agriculture(51%) 2) industrial(38%) 3) domestic (10%)
What percent of the human body is made of water? 65%
What are the 4 parts of the water cycle? evaporation, precipitation, transpiration, and runoff
the # 1 domestic use of water? flushing toilet
The industry that uses the most water: mining
Created by: alihammond