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N110 Nutrition

Nutrition 1 & 2

What is the main function of carbohydrates? To provide energy
What is the stored form of glucose? Glycogen
What happens to excess carbs once glycogen stores are full? converted to fat, stored as adipose tissue
Which type of carbohydrate is found in milk? simple carbs
True or false: fiber is a carbohydrate. True!
Which type of fiber helps regulate blood sugar by delaying gastric emptying time? Water-soluble fiber
Which type of fiber increases stool volume (bulk)? Insoluble fiber
Which type of fiber helps control blood cholesterol levels? Water soluble fiber
Fruit skins are a good source of which type of fiber? Insoluble fiber
True or false: dietary intake of cholesterol is not necessary. True!
True or false: HDL is known as "bad" cholesterol. False!
What makes HDL "high density?" Protein
True or false: one function of protein is that it acts as an enzyme. True!
What are the building blocks of protein? Amino acids
What is a complete protein? a protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids
If a patient is recovering from surgery and is re-growing tissue, which stage of protein metabolism is occurring? Anabolism
Which patient is at higher risk for dehydration: a 35 year-old or a 2 month-old? A 2 month-old
Name the fat-soluble vitamins. A, D, E, K
Which type of vitamin can be stored in the body? Fat soluble
Which vitamin plays a role in coagulation? Vitamin K
Which vitamins are considered to be antioxidants? Vitamins E, C, and A
What is the range for healthy BMI? 18.5-24.9
What is the range for an overweight BMI? 25-29.9
What is the range for BMI for obesity? greater than 30
What is morbid obesity? obesity that interferes with breathing or mobility
True or false: orange juice is part of a clear liquid diet. False!
True or false: ice cream is part of a full liquid diet. True!
True or false: a no added salt diet is appropriate for a patient with hypertension. True!
What is the range for gastric pH? 0-4
If a patient has an NG tube inserted for lavage, what is being done? The stomach is being irrigated
True or false: a PEG tube is a short term type of feeding tube. False!
What is the best way to confirm initial tube feeding placement? X-Ray
What is the best way for a nurse to confirm feeding tube placement on a daily basis? check pH of gastric contents
What should intestinal pH be? 7 or greater
What is the normal range for arterial pH? 7.35-7.45
Acidosis is an arterial pH below: 7.35
alkalosis is an arterial pH above: 7.45
What are the three body systems that regulate acid-base balance? Buffer, respiratory, renal
Which chemical buffer neutralizes excess acid? Bicarbonate
True or false: the renal system is the first line of defense against a change in pH. False!
True or False: the intravascular compartment is the largest fluid compartment in the body? False!
The interstitial fluid compartment is found: between the cells
Intake and output must always be recorded in: mL
True or false: when you flush a PEG tube with water, you must count the water flush as input on your I & O flowsheet. True!
Created by: ProfessorGemmel