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CUML -5-11

clause A provision in a contract
phobia An irrational fear
reclusive living in seclusion
convene To come together
converge To meet in a point or line
confluence a flowing together of bodies of water
concatenate to link together
counteract to act in opposition to
contravene To deny or oppose
contrapuntal two independent melodies sounded together
credo a doctrine
credible belivable
credence faith
credential entitled with credit or authority
credulity gullibility
incredulous skeptical
prokaryotic single cell organism
eukaryotic multi cellular
taxonomy science of classification
dichotomous divided int two pairs
cyclical recurring in cycles
deploy to spread out troops in order to form a front
derange disarrange
devoid lacking
deflate to release the air from
degenerate deteriorate
deice to free of ice
divine godlike
deity a god or goddess
divination instinctive foresight
deify to make a god of
democracy government by the people
demagogue a political leader who feeds on the emotions of people
epidemic widespread
predict to declare in advance
verdict the finding of a jury in a trial
malediction a curse
dictum a judicial assertion
diction style of speaking dependent on choice of words
indict to bring a formal accusation against
disperse to scatter
dissuade to persuade not to do
dysfunction malfunctioning
disproportion lack of proper relation in size or number
distemper a deranged condition of the body or mind
dyslexia a learning disorder of the inability to recognize written words
transducer a device which changes one form of energy into another
viaduct a bridge for carrying a road
aqueduct a channel for conduction water from a distance
induct to place in office
induce to persuade or influence
Created by: HayleyA