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Geography Ch5 voc

9th grade World Geo.

a low plateau located these gulf coastal plains and the nearby Appalachian Highlands Piedmont
One of our mountain chains that goes from Newfound Canada to Alabama Appalachian Mountains
a largely treeless area in the Midwest Great Plains
this rocky, mainly flat area around Hudson Bay Canadians Shield
rugged mountain west of the plains Rocky Mountains
hottest point in North America Death Valley
dividing line between the east and west flow of rivers Continental Divide
North America's highest mountain, in Alaska Mt. McKinley
Five different lakes in the U.S Great Lakes
Canada's longest river. Mackenzie River
permanently frozen ground Permafrost
winters are cold and summers warm Humid Continental Climate:
winds that blow from west to east in the middle of the latitudes Prevailing Westerlies
hot and muggy summers, mild cool winters Humid Subtropical Climate
Summers are dry, sunny and warm while winters are mild and rainy Mediterranean Climate
dry weather with only about 15 inches of rain per year Semiarid Climate
large swamp lands in Africa Everglades
area of the Great Plains where tornadoes strike so often "Tornado Alley"
people who move from place to place Nomads
a land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska Bering
first water link between the Atlantic and the Great Lakes Erie Canal
North America’s most important deep water ship route St. Lawrence Seaways
sections of a waterway with closed gates where water levels are raised or lowered Locks
Created by: P.V.A.
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