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Astronomy lesson 11

Apologia Astronomy lesson 11

What in their atmospheres cause Uranus and Neptune to appear blue? methane
What is unusual about Uranus' orientation or positioning when compared with the other planets? It is lying on its side. North and South poles are not top and bottom, but instead are side to side.
Does Uranus have rings? Yes
What is unusual about Uranus' rotation? It spins in the opposite direction compared to most planets. (Venus spins in the same direction also.)
Uranus has shepherd moons that help hold the rings together. Their names are ______________ and __________________. Cordelia and Ophehlia
Eureka is a word that means "___ _____________ __________ ____" ! I have found it!
Why was the discovery of Uranus so exciting? Because it had been many years since a new planet had been discovered.
Who discovered Uranus? William and Caroline Herschel
Uranus was named for the Roman god of the ___________. sky
How long does it take Uranus to orbit the Sun? 84 Earth years
How long does it take Uranus to rotate on its axis one time? 17 Earth hours
Is Neptune the 8th or 9th planet in our Solar System? Both---it is usually the 8th planet however for a 20 year period in its orbit, it moves farther from Earth than Pluto is. During that 20 year period, it is the 9th planet.
What is the name of the large storm that used to be visible on Neptune? Great Dark Spot
What is unusual about the rain on Neptune? Because of the conditions of the atmosphere on Neptune, scientists believe that the methane in the air turns to diamond dust. So it appears to be raining diamonds!
Neptune has the strongest ___________ in the Solar System, sometimes reaching speeds of over 1,200 miles per hour. winds
How long does it take Neptune to revolve around the Sun? 164 Earth years
How long does it take Neptune to rotate on its axis one time? 16 Earth hours
What is the name of Neptune's largest moon? Triton
What is unusual about the way that Neptune's largest moon revolves around Neptune? It revolves around Neptune in the opposite direction that Neptune rotates. It is the only moon in our Solar System known to do this.
What unusual feature does Triton have on its surface? geysers
What do these geysers probably spew out? a mixture of chemicals (not water like geysers on Earth)
Neptune is named for the Roman god of the ___________. sea
Created by: amcollins