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Ch. 10-12


Central America Population Double of Texas
Central America Languages Spanish, Belize-English
Central America/South America Religion Roman Catholic
South America Population 371 million
South America Languages Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, Inca, Guarani, Portunhol
Caribbeans Population 3.7 million
Caribbeans Languages French, Dutch, Spanish, English
Caribbeans Religion Roman Catholic, Santeria/Voodoo
Amazon River Largest by volume, >4,000 miles long, >1,100 tributaries
Amazon Rainforest Largest rainforest
Andes Longest range
Mountain Aconcagua Highest mountain in the Americas
Santeria/Voodoo Combine Christianity and African beliefs
Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) Establishes Gran Colombia, President of Venezuela
Angel Falls Highest waterfall, named after an American pilot that crashed in 1933
Atacama Desert Cloudiest and driest place on Earth, almost no sun for 6 months of the year
Augusto Pinochet President of Chile, in power 1974-1990, steals millions of dollars, kill/imprisons thousands
Buffer States A small country between 2 larger, more powerful countries
Causes of poverty in South America Economic inequality
Deforestation Destruction or loss of forests
Favelas Large slums around Brazilian cities, 1/4 of the population
Gaucho Cowboys
Inca 1438-1533, contributions; roads, bridges, terraced fields, stone architecture, population 10-14 million; capital city- Cuzco Peru
Latifundia Land in the hands of few
Minifundia Smaller estates
Pizarro Leads conquistadors in 1526
Soil Exhaustion A condition in which soil has lost nutrients and becomes nearly useless for farming
Terrorism The use of fear and violence as a political force
Push Factors Factors causing people to leave a location
Pull Factors Factors attraction people to a new location
Carnvial Festive season right before Lent, parades and masquerade balls, Rio de Janeiro has the largest, Samba schools compete during the parade; Venezuela- 2 days of festival, 40 days before Easter
Indigenous Native to a region
Caricom Caribbean Community and Common Market
Aztec 1,300 AD-1,600 AD
Mestizo Mixed ancestry
Mulatto People with both African and European ancestry
Panama Canal Began by the French in the 1880's, completed 1914 by the U.S., connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, 51 miles long, ships pay to use it
Tenochtitlan An Aztec city that flourished between 1,325-1,521 AD
Fidel Castro Communist ruler of Cuba from 1959-2008, limited U.S. trade and travel since the '60's
Bay of Pigs U.S. backed invasion
Cuban Missile Crisis Russia put nuclear missiles in Cuba
Conquistadors Spanish conquerors
Isthmus Narrow strip of land with water on either side connecting 2 large land areas
Colonization Control by 1 power over a dependent area or people
Natural Resources Materials from the Earth that are used to support life and meet people's needs
Mexican Government 3 levels(federal, state, local), 1917 Constitution, President- Obrador "Amlo", Bicameral Congress, Supreme Court of Justices
Mexican Resources #1 silver producer in the World, oil- most valuable resource; 11th largest producer, 6th largest exporter
Mexican Current Issues Poverty, environmental(deforestation, soil exhaustion), terrorism
Created by: Krisbeats
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