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Medi Terminology

Prefix and Suffixes meanings

a- absent, deficient, lack of (atrophy)
ab- off, away from (absent)
abdomin relating to the abdomen (abdominal)
-able capable of (viable)
ac- toward, to (actin)
acou- hear (acoustic)
ad- toward, to (adduct)
af- movement toward a central point
alb- white (corpus albicans)
-algia pain (neuralgia)
ambi- both (ambidextrous)
angi- pertaining to vessels (angiology)
ante- before, in front of (antebrachium)
anti- against (anticoagulant)
aque- water (aqueous)
arch- beginning, origin (archenteron)
arthr- joint (arthritis)
-asis condition or state of (homeostasis)
aud- hearing, sound (auditory)
auto- self (autolysis)
bi- two (bipedal)
bio- life (biopsy)
blast- generative or germ bud (blastocyst)
brachi- arm (brachialis)
brachy- short (brachydont)
brady- slow (bradycardia)
bucc- cheek (buccal cavity)
cac- bad, ill (cachexia)
calc- stone (calculus)
capit- head (capitis)
carcin- cancer (carcinogenic)
cardi- heart (cardiac)
cata- lower, under, against (catabolism)
caud- tail (cauda equina)
cephal- head (cephalic)
cerebro- brain (cerebrospinal fluid)
chol- bile (cholic)
chondr- cartilage (chondrocyte)
chrom- color (chromocyte)
-cide destroy (germicide)
circum- around (circumduct)
co- together (copulation)
coel- hollow cavity (coelom)
-coele swelling, enlarged space or cavity
con- with, together (cogenital)
contra- against, opposite (contraception)
corn- denoting hardness (cornified)
corp- body (corpus)
crypt- hidden (cryptorchidism)
cyan- blue (cyanosis)
cyst- sac or bladder (cystoscope)
cyto- cell (cytology)
de- down, from (descent)
derm- skin (dermatology)
di- two (diarthrotic)
dipl- double (diploid)
dis- apart, away from (disarticulate)
duct- lead, conduct (ductus deferens)
dur- hard (dura mater)
dys- bad, difficult, painful (dysentery)
e- out, from (eccrine)
ec- outside, outer, external (ectoderm)
-ectomy surgical removal (tonsillectomy)
ede- swelling (edema)
-emia pertaining to a condition of the blood
en- within (endoderm)
enter- intestine (enteritis)
epi- upon, over (epidermis)
erythro- red (erythrocyte)
ex- out of (excise)
exo- outside (exocrine)
extra- outside of, in addition (extracellular)
fasci- band (fascia)
febr- fever (febrile)
-ferent bear, carry (efferent)
fiss- split (fissure)
for- opening (foramen)
-form shape (fusiform)
gastro- of the stomach (gastrointestinal)
-gen an agent that produces (pathogen)
-genic producing (carcinogenic)
gloss- tongue (glossopharyngeal)
glyco- sugar (glycosuria)
-gram a record(ing) (electroencephalogram)
gran- grain, particle (granulosa cells)
-graph recording instrument (telegraph)
gravi- heavy (gravid)
gyn- female sex (gynecology)
haplo- simple or single (haploid)
hem(at)- blood (hematology)
hemi- half (hemiplagia)
hepat- liver (hepatic portal)
hetero- other, different (heterosexual)
histo- web, tissue (histology)
holo- whole, entire (holocrine)
homo- same, alike (homologous)
hydro- water (hydrocoel)
hyper- above, excessive (hypertension)
hypo- under, below (hypoglycemia)
-ia abnormal state (hypoglycemia)
-iatrics medical specialties (pediatrics)
idio- self, separate (idiopathic)
ilio- ilium (iliosacral)
infra- beneath (infraspinatus)
inter- among, between (interosseus)
intra- inside, within (intracellular)
-ion process (acromion)
-ism condition or state (dimorphism)
iso- equal, like (isotonic)
-itis inflammation (meningitis)
labi- lip (labium majus)
lacri- tears (lacrimal apparatus)
later- side (lateral)
leuk- white (leukocyte)
lip- fat (lipid)
-logy science of (morphology)
-lysis solution, dissolve (hemolysis)
macro- large, great (macrophage)
mal- bad, abnormal, disorder (malignant)
medi- middle (medial)
mega- great, large (megakaryocyte)
meso- middle or moderate (mesoderm)
meta- after, beyond (metatarsal)
micro- small (microtome)
mito- thread (mitochondrion)
mono- alone, one, single (monocyte)
morph- form, shape (morphology)
multi- many, much (multinuclear)
myo- muscle (myology)
narc- numbess, stupor (narcotic)
necro- corpse, dead (necrosis)
neo- new, young (neonatal)
nephr- kidney (nephritis)
neuro- nerve (neurolemma)
noto- back (notochord)
ob- against, in front of (obturator)
oc- against (occlusion)
-oid resembling, likeness (sigmoid)
oligo- few, small (oligodendrocyte)
-oma tumor (lymphoma)
oo- egg (oocyte)
or- mouth (oral)
orchi- testis (orchiectomy)
ortho- straight, normal (orthopnea)
-ory pertaining to (sensory)
-ose full of (adipose)
osteo- bone (osteoblast)
oto- ear (otolith)
ovo- egg (ovum)
par- give birth to, bear (parturition)
para- near, beyond, beside (paranasal)
path- disease (pathology)
-pathy abnormality, disease (neuropathy)
ped- children (pediatrician)
pen- need, lack (penicillin)
-penia deficiency (thrombocytopenia)
per- through (percutaneous)
peri- near, around (pericardium)
phag- to eat (phagocyte)
-phil have an affinity for (neutrophil)
phleb- vein (phlebitis)
-phobia abnormal fear, dread (hydrophobia)
-plasty reconstruction of (rhinoplasty)
platy- flat, side (platysma)
-plegia stroke, paralysis (paraplegia)
-pnea to breathe (apnea)
pneumo(n)- lung (pneumonia)
pod- foot (podiatry)
-poiesis formation of (hemopoiesis)
poly- many, much (polyploid)
post- after, behind (postnatal)
pre- before in time or place (prenatal)
pro- before in time or place (prophase)
proct- anus (proctology)
pseudo- false (pseudostratified)
psycho- mental (psychology)
pyo- pus (pyorrhea)
quad- fourfold (quadriceps femoris)
re- back, again (repolarization)
rect- straight (rectus abdominus)
ren- kidney (renal)
rete- network (rete testis)
retro- backward, behind (retroperitoneal)
rhin - nose (rhinitis)
-rrhagia excessive flow (menorrhagia)
-rrhea flow or discharge (diarrhea)
sanguin- blood (sanguineous)
sarc- flesh (sarcoma)
-scope instrument (stethoscope)
-sect cut (dissect)
semi- half (semilunar)
-sis process or action (dialysis)
steno- arrow (stenosis)
-stomy surgical opening (tracheostomy)
sub- under, below (subcutaneous)
super- above, upper (superficial)
supra- above, over (suprarenal)
syn- (sym-) together, joined, with (synapse)
tachy- swift, rapid (tachycardia)
tele- far (telencephalon)
tens- stretch (tensor tympani)
tetra- four (tetrad)
therm- heat (thermogram)
thorac- chest (thoracic cavity)
thrombo- lump, clot (thrombocyte)
-tomy cut (appendectomy)
tox- poison (toxemia)
tract- draw, drag (traction)
trans- across, over (transfuse)
tri- three (trigone)
trich- hair (trichology)
-trophy nutritional state (hypertrophy)
-tropic turning to, changing (gonadotropic)
ultra- beyond, excess (ultrasonic)
uni- one (unicellular)
-uria urine (polyuria)
uro- urine, urinary organs/tract (uroscope)
vas- vessel (vasoconstriction)
viscer- organ (visceral)
vit- life (vitamin)
zoo- animal (zoology)
zygo- union, join (zygote)
Created by: KCHERISH