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Unit 6 Middle East

Study Guide

Which desert covers much of North Aftica? Sahara Desert
The area between the TIGRIS and EUPHRATES Rivers is considered what? An Alluvial Plain
Dry riverbeds that fill up with water during a heavy rain are called what? Wadis
Why didn't farmers in the Nile River Valley need to use fertilizer before the Aswan High Dam was built. Because SILT flowed freely down the river to help nourish the crops.
Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all believe there is only one god a person should worship. What is this called? Monotheistic
The holy book of Islam is the what? Quran
The holy book of Judaism is the what? Tanakh
The oldest major religion is what? Judaism
Which country is in both Europe and Asia? Turkey
People in Southwest Asia and North Africa would be considered what? City dwellers and both rich and poor
Which part of Asia has a desert that formed because of a rain shadow? Central Asia
An expensive water management system used by countries rich in oil is called what? Desalinization
When irrigation water quickly evaporates what remains? Salt
What makes up about 25% of Egypt's exports? Cotton and its by products
What is the capital of Egypt? Cairo
What is the narrow strip of water that separates Africa from Europe? Strait of Gibraltar
Areas of soft sand and dunes that cover 20% of the Sahara are called what? Ergs
What are the two major rivers in Iraq? Tigris and Euphrates
Oil rich countries are looking ahead for what reason? To find new industries in which they can invest
Four ways the countries of Southwest Asia deal with water shortages include Rationing water, finding water in undergroud aquifers, buidling dams, desalinization
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