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the title is sorta obvious!!

evoco, evocare, evocavi call out, summon
habito, habitare, habitavi live, dwell
libero, liberare, liberavi free
migro, migrare, migravi depart, migrate
voco, vocare, vocavi call
augeo, augere, auxi increase
doceo, docere, docui teach
habeo, habere, habui have, hold
maneo, manere, mansi remain
mereo, merere, merui deserve, earn
moveo, movere, movi move
teneo, tenere, tenui hold, keep
terreo, terrere, terrui scare, frighten
video, videre, vidi see
erat was
erant were
est is
sunt are
amo, amare love, like
laboro, loborare work
paro, parare prepare, get ready, get
laudo, laudare praise
porto, portare carry
specto, spectare look (at), watch
dono give, present to (as a gift)
incito excite, stir up, incite
mando entrust, give to
monstro point out, show to
navigo sail
nuntio announce, report to
occupo seize, hold of
probo test, prove, approve
pugno battle, fight
servo save, guard
Created by: torgirl14