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Latin Vocabular

lessons 10-14

ianua, ianuae door
luna, lunae moon
lupus, lupi wolf
pecunia, pecuniae money
sapientia, sapientiae wisdom
stella, stellae star
demonstro, demonstrare to show
circum around
in into, onto
per through
bene well
casa, casae house
clamo, clamare to shout
rogo, rogare to ask
post after
quod because
heri yesterday
olim once
villa, villae villa, country, house
spectro, spectare to look at
sto, stare to stand
sine without
tum then
Ludus ludi game, school
sella sellae chair
tabula tabulae board
tabella notebook
podium podii podium
hora horae hour time
fabula fabulae story
recito recitare to recite
surgo surgere to rise
sub under
ex from, out of
avis bird
rex regis king
canis dog
sol solis sun
leo leonis lion
urbs urbis city
mons montis mountain
quot? how many?
trans across
cur? why?
tunc then
male badly,wrongly
Created by: summer9000