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Stage 16 Vocabulary

From Belimicus Ultor Translation

ultor avenger
graviter ferebat took badly
de naufragio about the shipwreck
cognoscere find out
clam secretly
impellere to push
praemium prize
iniuste unfairly
secum to himself
ursa bear
Germanicus German
adire to approach
tractare to handle
pulatim gradually
mansuetam tame
princeps chief
certamine navali boat race
rem thing
omnes all
hospites guests
quos whom
ad aulam to the palace
deridebant were mocking
eum him
quoque also
etiam even
qui who
cognoverant got to know
ridebant laughing
decipit deceived
scopulum reef
impulit pushed
cepit took
decorum proper
punire to punish
secum to himself
cogitavit thought
callidum clever
consilium cepit made a plan
erant there were
bestia wild beast
e/ex from
terris lands
importaverat imported
inter among
has these
ingens huge
custodiebat guarded
hunc/hoc this
valde very much
delectat delight
volo tractare want to handle
eam her, it
timeo afraid
itaque and so
cotidie every day
veniebat came
dabat/dat give
paulatim gradually
mansuetam tame
fecid make
tandem at last
solus alone
potuit be able
mox soon
statim at once
condentit hurried
hodie today
ducere to lead
possum can
nunc now
ostendere to show
invitus unwillingly
consensit agreed
cachinnans laughing
paratus ready
Created by: acidpops