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Viruses MMG 2nd exam

Mumps Paramyxoviridae ss - RNA Enveloped Complications: oophoritis, orchitis CPE: Syncytial MMR Vaccine (LAV) -UR Tract, GI, Eye
Parainfluenza Paramyxoviridae ss - RNA unsegmented Enveloped (H-Hemagglutinin) Respiratory infections, croup, barking cough, bronchitis CPE= Syncytia
Ebola and Marburg Filoviridae ss - RNA Enveloped Hemorrhagic fever Zoonotic
Measles Paramyxoviridae First Disease- Childhood Exanthems Enveloped (H- Hemagglutinin) Host Receptor: CD46 3Cs and P = coryza, conjunctivitis, cough, photophobia Koplik's spot rash Complications: Subacute sclerosing encephalitis
Influenza A,B,C Orthomyxoviridae Enveloped HA/NA Host Receptor: Sialic Acid alpha 2,6-humans, alpha 2,3= birds Genetic Drift- highest in A genetic shift amantidine/rimantadin- inhibit M2 zanomivir/oseltamivir-inhibit NA replicates in the nucleus
HIV Retrovirus ss -RNA Enveloped: gp120 binds CD4, gp41 binds CCR5 or CCR4 RNA/DNA hybrid intermediate AIDS Antivirals: Fusion inhibitors, nucleoside analogues (AZT), non nucleoside RT inhibitors, integrase inhibitors, protease inhibitors
Human T Cell leukemia Virus HTLV Retrovirus ss -RNA T-cell leukemia and lymphoma tumor virus; Tax activation- T cell growth factor CD4+ T cell
Cocksackie (Enterovirus) Picornaviridae ss + RNA (VPg on 5' end) VP1-4, VP1 = attachment Host Cell - CAR receptor Unenveloped A- Herpangia, Hand and foot, Meningitis B- Carditis, Pleurodynia, Meningitis
Echovirus Picornaviridae (enterovirus) ss + RNA VPg on 5' end VP1-4, VP 1= attachment ICAM Host cell recptor Carditis, Meningitis Pleconaril targets VP1
Rhinovirus Picornaviridae ss + RNA VPg on 5' end No envelope common cold Host cell receptor ICAM Pleconaril targets VP1
Rubella Virus Togaviridae ss + RNA third disease childhood exanthems Enveloped Hemagglutinin Childhood/adult rubella Congenital: Hearing loss, mental retardation, eye problems Complications: arthritis, arthralgia
Alphaviruses Togaviridae ss + RNA Enveloped Encephalitis Arboviruses: vector borne- probably mosquitos
West Nile, Dengue, Yellow fever Flaviviridae ss + RNA Enveloped Encephalitis, Hemorrhagic fever Arboviruses- vector borne- mosquitos
Rotavirus Reoviridae DS RNA segmented Double layer capsid VP4= hemagglutinin no envelope rotavirus A = mainly in infants; diarrhea day care Rotavirus NSP4 has cholera like toxin activity Vaccines: Rotateq, Rotarix
Rabies Rhabdoviridae ss - RNA Envelope, G-protein zoonotic, host receptor - AchR and NCAM Negri bodies seen in brain Vaccination can be given after infection
Arenaviridae ss - RNA 2 circular single stranded RNA Ambisense Usually rodent vector encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever, shock
Bunyaviruses Hantavirus ss - RNA Enveloped Mainly encephalitis Arbovirus - vector borne: mosquitos
Human Corona Virus Coronaviridae ss + RNA enveloped: E1 (M) E2(S) Hemagglutinin Looks like a solar corona 15-20% of common colds -can cause rare GI infections
SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronaviridae ss + RNA Enveloped SARS- high fever- China Liver damage CPE: syncytial cells
Norovirus Calciviridae ss + RNA no envelope gastroenteritis-most often in adults often transmitted via contaminated food or H2O
Poliovirus Picornaviridae ss + RNA No envelope Polio PVR Receptor Can cause: Abortive infection, aseptic, meningitis Inactivated salk vaccine Live Attenuated Vaccine
Adenovirus Adenoviridae ds DNA Capsid: fiber protein attachment to host, base protein No envelope Host Receptor: CAR Inadequately chlorinated pools Tumor Virus: E1A inactivates pRb, E1B inactivates p53 Resp. infections, pharyngoconjunctival fever, eye and GI
HSV-1 Herpesviridae ds DNA enveloped Above the belt Latent- trigeminal ganglion Tzank smear- Cowdry type A inclusions Acyclovir: nucleoside analogue needs viral Thymidine kinase for activation
HSV -2 Herpesviridae ds DNA Enveloped Below the belt- genital/neonatal latent- sacral ganglia Tzank Smear cowdry type a inclusion bodies Acyclovir: Nucleoside analogue needs viral thymidine kinase for activation
Varicella Zoster Herpesviridae dsDNA enveloped chickenpox, shingles latent- DRG Pustules erupt at different times/stages
Epstein Barr Virus EBV Herpesviridae ds DNA enveloped infectious mono, burkitt's lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma latent- B lymphocytes, heterophile Ab (IgM) atypical lymphs
Cytomegalovirus CMV herpesviridae ds DNA enveloped congenital: microcephaly, rash, hepatosplenomegaly Latent- T lymphs, cytomegalic inclusions "Owl's eye"
HHV 6-7 Herpesviridae dsDNA enveloped Roseola infantum "6ths Disease" spiking fever, febrile seizures, mild rash Latent B and T lymphocytes
Parvovirus Parvoviridae B19 ss DNA No envelope Erythema Infectiosum (5ths Disease) slapped cheeks Congenital Infections- anemia, hydrops fetalis Host Receptor: P globuloside, infects actively replicating cells (RBC precursors) arthritis, arthralgia, aplastic a
Smallpox Poxviridae ds DNA enveloped Replicates entirely in cytoplasm Papules erupt at same time Bioterrorism
Molluscum Contagiosum Poxviridae dsDNA Enveloped wart like lesions replication in cytoplasm
HPV Polyomaviridae ds DNA no envelope Plantar and Genital warts 16, 18 = high risk cervical cancer 6,11 = low risk Tumor virus inactivates p53, E7 inactivates pRb
BK Polyomaviridae dsDNA cystitis Healthy-asymptomatic Latent activation in immunocompromised Tumor viruses: Large T inactivates p53 and pRb
JC Polyomaviridae dsDNA CNS and possible PME Kidneys, B cells, monocyte lineage Healthy-asymptomatic latent activation immunocompromised Tumor virus: Large T antigen inactivates p53 and pRb
RSV (Respiratory Syncytial VIrus) Paramyxoviridae ss -RNA unsegmented Enveloped Hemagglutinin Mainly in kids- eyes and nose-main cause of bronchiolitis CPE = syncytia Ribovirin= nucleoside analogue
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