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Financial Vocabulary

Tutoring Session

예금 Checking (Deposit)
저금 Savings (Deposit) With smaller amounts, but also CD. Korea only has CD's no savings like the U.S.
이익 Interest
손해 Lose
금융 Money, The credit situation, Finance
이자 interest (on a loan/deposit)
이율 rate of interest (interest rate)
목돈 a sizable sum (amount) of money
분산(투자) Diversified(interest)
저금을 깨다 예금 보금 Break a contract
재산 An estate, fortune
붕동산 Estates (property) that are stationary
동산 Property that is moviable (cars, jewerly)
재무설계사 Financial Consultation
저금 들다 Sign up for an account
기업 Industry
농협 Agricultural
돌을 글리다 To raise money
모금 행사 Fundraiser Event
현금 관리 계정 (CMA)Cash Mangement Account
고용보험 Unemployment insurance
실업급여 Unemployment (wages) allowance
실업하다 To be unemployed
부동산 Real Estate
퇴직금 Retirement pay (business)
국민연금 Pension (Government)
의료호험 Health (Medical Expensese)
산재보험 Workers Compenstion
사(4)대보험 1. 고용보험 2. 산재보험 3. 의료호험 4.고용보험
(신용가드)연말 정산 서류을 ... End of the year summary of accounts (Credit Cards)
월급쟁이 White-collar worker (salary man)
유리 봉투 지갑 Profitable
공제하다 Subtract, deducation
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