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Chapter 11

The Sea

The types of erosion at Sea Hydraulic Action Abrasion Attrition Solution Compressed Air
Hydraulic action meaning The power of water as it crashes against the coast
Abrasion Meaning Waves pick up stones and throw them against the coast. These stones abrade the coast
Compressed Air Meaning Air in rocks becomes trapped by the incoming waves. The trapped air puts pressure on the rocks. When the water retreats, the air expands and the pressure drops. This repeated compression and release causes the rock to shatter
Attrition Meaning Stones carried by the waves hit off each other. Over time they are worn down and smoothed
Solution Meaning Certain rocks, such as limestone, are dissolved by the water
why does the Atlantic ocean not erode Ireland's coast at a straight line the waves are coming in at an angle the differnet types of rock at the coast (hardrock, softrock)
Features of Sea Erosion Features of Sea Erosion
Give an example of a headland and a bay Howth head, Dublin bay
why does the Bay area get eroded quicker than the Headland area Differential erosion
what processes of erosion are at work when a Bay and Headland is formed attrition abrasion hydraulic action compressed air
why does limestone dissolve the calcium from the bones of sea creatures is soluble
explain the process of a formation of a headland and bay they are formed on coastlines where an area of soft rock is eroded more quickly than hardrock, this is known as differential erosion, softrock such as sandstone is more easilt eroded and forms a hollow in the coast known as a bay, the heqadland sticks out
through what process is a sea cliff formed Erosion
where does the erosion happen at the base of the cliff
what processes of erosion are at work when eroding the base of the cliff Abrasion hydraulic Action Compressed Air
explain the formation of a sea cliff a sea cliff is formed through erosion, erosion occurs at the bottom of the cliff, the 3 processes of erosion are at work (name em) a wave cut notch is formed which leads to an overhang being formed, after a while the overhang collapses and the cliff keeps
explain the formation of a sea cliff pt2 retreating, a wave cut platform is formed by the rocks of the overhang
an example of cliffs in Ireland Cliffs of Moher
explain how a crack goes to a cave, to an arch, to a stack, to a stump, waves attack cracksat the base of the cliff, the crack gets bigger and becomes a cave, when two cavers erode back to back or if a cave erodes through the headland it forms an arch, if the roof of the arch collapses a pillar called a sea stack will remain
explain how a crack goes to a cave, to an arch, to a stack, to a stump pt2 standing, if the sea stack collapses all that will remain is a small stump of rock, this is call a sea stump
what processes of erosion are at work Hydraulic action Abrsion Compressed air
examples of a sea stack,arch and stack Old head of Kinsale Co. Cork (sea caves+ arch) hook head Co. Wexford (sea stack)
explain the formation of a blowhole it is formed when powerful waves compress air that breaks a hole in the roof of a cave
what is a blowhole a passage that goes through the roof of a cave to the land surface above
what erosion processes are at work when creating a blow hole Hydraulic Action Abrasion Attrition Compressed air
example of a blowhole Downpatrick Head Co. Mayo
Transport by the sea Transport by the sea
what is Longshore drift the seas load being dragged along the shore
what are incoming waves called swash
what are outgoing waves calles backwash
explain longshore drift Swash carries material at an angle up the beach, backwash carries material back down the beach at a right angle, as the process repeats the material is moved in a zigzag pattern along the shore
sea deposition sea deposition
what is a feature of sea deposition beach
what processes are at work when forming a beach longshore drift, deposition, swash, backwash
explain the formation of a beach when the backwash is weaker than the swash so it is unable to bring all of the material back out the heaviest material is deposited first, finer material is carried closer to the shoreline, over time this material builds up to become a beach
give a example of a beach Tramore Co. Waterford
how is a storm beach formed in times of storm the waves are stronger and an carry heavier material up to the high tide mark
what is a beach a sloped area of sand, shingle or stones that is found between the high and low tide
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