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Life Science 3/28

Stack #35852

nephron Filters that control the chemical composition of the blood and removes nitrogen-compound wastes, excess water, and salts and they return nessary substances to the body
Micturition expelling urin or peeing
glomerulus coil of capillaries
capillaries smalest branch of artery
venules tiny blood vessels united in capillary beds venules combind to make largest vein
pericardium membraneous sac with a fibrous layer out side and serous one inside which protes heart and anchers in place
pulmanary lung
aortic reflex slows the heart when the pressure is to high
carotid sinus reflex increase heart rate when pressure is to low in arteries serving the brain
Chemoreceptors increase heart beat if there is a lack of oxygen
alveoli small air sacs
lymph nodes strain and purify lymphs and remove infectious organisims and bacteria before the lymph returns to the blood
Created by: Longhorns