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Georgia's Geography

What are the five geographic regions of GA from largest to smallest? Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Blue Ridge, Ridge & Valley, Appalachian Plateau
Georgia can be found in what hemispheres? Western and Northern
_________ uses exact points such as latitude and longitude coordinates to pinpoint a places' location. Absolute location
What river forms a border with Georgia and Alabama? Chattahoochee River
What river forms a border with Georgia and South Carolina? Savannah River
Georgia is located in this region of the country: Southeastern
This region holds 50% of Georgia's population: Piedmont
This is where an ancient ocean stopped. Cities such as Columbus, Macon, and Augusta grew up here because of waterfalls for power: Fall Line
These are located off the coast of Georgia and help to protect the mainland from wind and water erosion Barrier Island
What nation is Georgia located in? United States of America
What continent is Georgia located on? North America
What is Georgia's highest point? Brasstown Bald
What region has Georgia's highest peaks? Blue Ridge Mountain Region
What mountain range runs from Georgia to Maine? Appalachian Mountains
What is Dalton, Georgia know for producing a lot of? Carpet
What is Dalton, Georgia's nickname? Carpet capital of the world
What are three major cities found on the fall line? Columbus, Macon, and Augusta
What five states border Georgia? Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida
Where is most of Georgia's agriculture found? Inner Coastal Plains
This region lacks fertile soil. Lookout Mountain and Chicamauga are located here. Appalachian Plateau
What region do we live in? Piedmont
What is unique about soil in the Piedmont region? The piedmont is know for its red clay.
Describe the soil of the Coastal Plain. The inner coastal plain has a lot of fertile soil. The outer or lower coastal plain is very sandy and not fertile.
Describe the climate of the Coastal Plain. Hot summer, mild winter, not likely to snow
Describe the climate of the Piemont. Hot summer, mild winter, greater chance of snow compared to coastal plain - accumulation in the lower half of the region is not likely
Describe the climate of the Blue Ridge. Cooler temperatures - Summers warm winters are cold, most precipitation, Many rivers start in the Blue Ridge region.
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