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latin cult/hist 5&7

explain why the romans did not conquer ireland cold and rainy conditions; name "Hibernia"- derived from Latin word for soldiers' winter camp: "Hibernia"
identify the native lnguage of Ireland Gaelic (NO similarity to latin)
explain why the romans did not conquer Scotland cold, rain, and mountainous conditions; Natives who fought with tactics unfamiliar to the romans
identify the native language of Scotland Celtic (NO similarity to latin)
explain why the romans did not conquer both Africa and Arabia due to sand
Both define and explain precisely the latin term Africa Darkness (of the mountains)- often termed "the dark continent
Explain how both the myth, Atlas supports this view According to the myth, Atlas holds world/sky. Atlas Mts. lie in Northern Africa, forming boundary between Roman province and the "unknown" of sub-saharan Africa
explain why the romans did not conquer Germania Battle of Teutoburg Wald (sept. 10 A.D.9)- 3 roman legions annihilated and bodies formed into pyramid of bones
identify 2 MAJOR results of an area's not being conquered by the romans, which still influence the area to this day No latin; Roman culture influence
define th word Montana Mountainous
define Florida Flowery
Give the latin background of Vermont Green Mountain
Give the latin background for Carolina carolus- latin name for "Charles"; the carolinas were named in honor of King Charles 1 of England
On what precise date did Mt. Vesuvius erupt Aug. 24, A.D.79
name the two primary towns which the eruption destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii
Created by: VaLAX17