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fun path

fun path final

Neoplasms can be formed due to A. proliferation f*ck ups (ei. check point mistakes) B. Apoptosis f*ck ups C. Both D. None Both
What is a tumor solid neoplasm
Tumor that remains localized benign
Tumors that spread to distant sites Malignant
T or F: Cancer is the cause of one error in the cellular replication process False! loads of errors
What is a karkinos Termed coined by hippocrates meaning carsinoma
The worlds oldest documented of cancer Egypt, 1500 BC, breast cancer
How where tumors treated back then? cauterization from a fire drill!
The incidence of neoplastic disease ____ with age increases
Why was cancer not a major cause of death back in the day? Humans did not live long enough to develop cancer
Are we living in an "epidemic" of cancer? Nope! cigarettes and such don't cause cancer, silly
Are neoplasms reversible? What type of growth? 1. No 2. Autonomus
Name 2 cells that do not give rise to tumors Myocytes and mature neurons
Tumors express varying degrees of ____ Differentiation
T or F: The stimulus responsible for uncontrolled proliferation may not be identifiable and it is not known for most neoplams true
T or F: The terms benign and malignant refer to the morphological characteristics of a tumor False! it refers to the overall biological behavior
____ tumors kill while ___ usually spare the host 1. Malignant 2. Benign
When can a benign tumor be deadly? When it is in a location that can interfere with vital function (brain, wrapped around aorta, etc)
So malignant tumor means death, right? No, some are so indolent that they can be surgically removed (breast cancer at CT cancer)
A benign tumor will be ____ while a malignant tumor can be either ____ or ____ 1. Highly differentiated 2. Highly differentiated or highly undifferentiated (aka anaplastic)
T or F: benign tumors show a high level of variability in cell differentiation false, malignant tumors do
Example of a tumor that is histologically malignant but usually doesn't metastasize Basal cell carsinoma
Neoplasia New growth
Oncology Study on tumors
Benign tumor Localized, non invasive
Malignant tumor Cancer: affect distant site aand are invasive
Example of tumor that is caused by default in apoptosis Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
The more the tumor cell looks like the cell of origin, the ___ agressive it will be less
Benign tumors grow where? ON tissue, not in it
2 characteristics of malignant tumors 1. In the tissue or cell 2. Metastatic
Malignant tumors have a ___ center and lots of ___ therefor it can ____ 1. necrotic 2. blood vessels 3. hemorrhage
Leiomyoma Benign smooth muscle tumor
Leiomyosarcoma Malignant smooth muscle tumor
____ leads to ____ leads to ____ leads to ____. Which step is the only one that is not reversible Chronic stress leads to hyperplasia leads to dysplasia (metaplasia) leads to neoplasia (only one that is not reversible)
What must the tumor do in order to merit the title of neoplasia? Penetrate the basement membrane
Hairy cell leukemia: Benign or malignant? Malignant
Rhabdomysarcoma Malignant skeletal muscle tumor
Rhabdomyoma Benign skeletal muscle tumor
What causes brain tumors? Glial cells
3 glial cells that can cause tumors. Which one cannot? 1. Astrocyte, oligodendrocyte, ependymal cells 2. Microglia
#1 cause of brain tumors Astrocytes
Most aggressive and most common astrocytic malignancy Glioblastoma multiform
A glioblastoma multiform is what type of malignancy? Astrocytic
Bengin tumor suffix -oma
Example of a bengin tumor that does not end in -oma polyp
Malignant tummor that is derived from MESENCHYM sarcoma
Malignant tummor that is derived from EPITHELIAL CELLS Carcinomas
Carcinomas that resemble stratified squamous epithelium Squamous cell carcinoma
Carcinoma that resembles glandular tissue Adenocarcinoma
What tumor is Bengin: A. Melanoma B. Lymphoma C. Both D. None None! somme crap-tacular exceptions
2 things to remember about anaplastic cells (anaplasia) 1. Very pleomorphic 2. Lose polarity
What is dysplasia Loss of uniformity and polarity of cells that is non-neoplastic
Carcinoma in situ is a form of what? Dysplasia
What is a carcinoma in situ? Full thickness epithelial dysplasia
These are concidered pre-cancerous lesions Carcinoma in situ
The rate of growth of a tumor is INVERSELY dependant on what? The degree of differentiation
What type of tumor tends to be more differentiated/ What can be said about its growth? 1. Bengin 2. Grows slower
Main or primary diffrence between malignant and bengin tumors Bengin tumors do not invade surrounding tissue while malignant ones do
In fact, bengin tumors are seperated from local tissue by what? Fibrous capsul
What is metastasis? Discontinuous secondary implants from primary malignancy
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