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Tangerine pages 1-21

A brief online review based on the book,"Tangerine."

Why are Paul and his mother cleaning the house? Possible Answer:Paul and his Mom were cleaning the house because Mom didn't want people to criticize how she couldn't clean up a house.
What did Paul remember just as they were getting ready to leave? Paul had a flashback; Erik was trying to kill him. Erik was hanging out the window of the car swaying a bat towards Paul. Paul was so scared that he left his bike on the sidewalk and ran home to tell his parents. But, Erik was home, Paul had no evidence.
Why were people burning grapefruit trees? Possible Answer:People were burning the grapefruit trees in order to clear the land.
What made Mom upset when she was walking through the new house? Possible Answer:Mom was mad because the movers misplaced her box. The box was supposed to go to the dining room and it wasn't place where it was supposed to be.
What did Paul think was causing the smoke around their new house? Possible Answer:Paul thought that the wiring of the house had created the smoke.
What did the fireman tell Mom and Paulthat shocked them? Possible Answer:The fireman told them that it had been running as long as he could remember.
What was the fireman's solution to the muck fire? Possible Answer:The fireman said they'd just have to learn to live with it and ignore it. He also said that they should keep their windows shut in order to keep the smoke out of the house.
What had Eric received that no other sophomore had received? Possible Answer:Possible Answer:Erik recieved a gold varsity ring.
Why does Paul think that Eric is a phony? Possible Answer:Paul thought that Erik was a phony because he acted interested in the conversation, while he actually wasn't.
Created by: Yazmin=D



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