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abc's of skin lesion

Abcde grouped skin lesions

Name of LesionType of lesionA= Asymmetry B= BoarderC= Color Variation D=DiameterE= Elevation and enlargementExamplesNot sure yet
macule primary Nonpalpable, circumscribed D= Diameter < 1cm flat, Freckles, Rubeola, Rubella Nonpalpable, circumscribed
Patch primary Nonpalpable, circumscribed D= Diameter > 1cm In diameter flat vitiligo, portwine mark vitiligo, portwine mark
plaque primary Elevated, firm, circumscribed boarder D= Diameter a papule larger than o.5 cm flat top, firm rough psoriasis (blank)
papule primary circimcricribed D= Diameter <0.5 cm solid mass warts (blank)
Bulla primary elevated circumscribed >0.5cm superficial filled with sereous fluids contact dermitis posion ivy (blank)
Vesicle primary elevated circumscribed <0.5 cm in diameter superficial filled with serous fluid blister, varicella (blank)
Tumor primary Irregular boarders >1-2 cm elevated firm palpable (blank) deeper in dermis than papule
Nodule primary (blank) .5-2cm in diameter elevated firm palpable Lymphoma deeper in dermis than papule
Pustule primary (blank) (blank) elevated superficial impetigo, acne similar to vesicle but filled with purulent fluid
Cyst primary elevated circimscribedencapsulated (blank) elevated papable, encascapsulated sebaceous cyst filled with liquid or semi solid material
wheal primary irregular (blank) elevated mass Urticaria, insect bites Urticaria, = serous fluid in dermis no fluid in cavity
erosion Secondary Lesions (blank) (blank) depressed moist area scratch marks loss of superficial epidermis, dermis not involved
Ulcers 2ndary skin loss past epidermis (blank) neccrotic tissue loss pressure ulcer bleeding scaring
scar 2ndary skin mark new scars = red/purple old scars= white (blank) (blank) replacement of connective tissue
Fissure 2ndary linear (blank) may involve dermis chapped lips, athlete's foot (blank)
crust secondary lesions (blank) (blank) slightly elevated, varied size scab ecezema dried serum blood or purulent material
scale 2ndary Irregular boarders (blank) irregular thick or thin Psoriasis, exfoliative dermatitis flaky exfoliative dermatitis
Keloid 2ndary irregular red elevated surigical incision + rate in african americans
Atrophy 2ndary loss of markings transparent loof of epidermis (blank) aged skin arterial insufficiency vessels may be noted
Lichenification 2ndary lesions accentuated skin markings, repeated irritations thickening of skin thickening of skin (blank) repeated irritations
Petechia Vascular skin Lesions round red or purple 1-2mm (blank) (blank) A small purplish spot on a body surface, such as the skin or a mucous membrane, caused by a minute hemorrhage and often seen in typhus. 2ndary to blood A small purplish spot on a body surface, such as the skin or a mucous membrane, caused by a minute hemo
Ecchymosis Vascular skin Lesions round or irregular macular lesion color varies & changes black yellow and green hues larger than petechia (blank) associated with trama & bleeding tendicies also mac·ule (-yūl') A discolored spot or area on the skin that is not elevated above the surface and is characteristic of certain cextravasation - the process of exuding or passing out of a vessel into surrounding tissues; said or blood or lymph or
Hematoma Vascular skin Lesions (blank) (blank) eleavated ecchymosis associated w/ trama localized collection of blood creating an eleavated ecchymosis
Cherry Angioma Vascular skin Lesions papular & round Pap·u·lar red or purple noted on trunk extermities may blanch w/ preassure normal age related alteration usually not clinically siginificant
spider angioma Vascular skin Lesions central body w/ radiating branches red arterial lesion (blank) noted on face neck arms & trunk rare below waist associated w/ liver disease, pregnancy, vit B - (blank)
Created by: garrowcousino