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Science Notes

Grouping the Periodic Table

Groups are ___ on the Periodic Table. columns
Groups are also known as ______. families
Group one is known as the ________ ________. Alkali Family
Alkali Family is the most________________. reactive group of elements
Alkali elements are never found___________ ________. naturally uncombined
Most important elements in the Alkali Family are Sodium and Potassium
Group 2 is the __________ ________. Alkaline Family
Most important elements in the Alkaline Family are ____________. Calcium and Magnesium
Groups 3- 12 are known as ________. Transition Metal Family.
Transition Metals form a bridge between __________ to the ______________. not very reactive elements to the non- reactive elements
The bridge between this two also connects __ to __. metals to non- metals
Most familiar elements in this group are _______. Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Mercury, Gold, and Nitrogen
Group 13 is the ___. Boron Family
Group 14 is the ___. Carbon Family
Group 15 is the _____. Nitrogen Family
Group 16 is the___. Oxygen Family
Group 17 is the ____. Halogens
Group 18 is the __. Noble Gases
Groups 13 thru 16 ______. have a zigzag line thru them which separate the metals and non metals
Along the zigzag line are _______. metals, non-metals, and metalloids
Some elements from period 6 + 7 are _______. separated from the table and placed at the bottom of the table
The reason the selected elements were moved was to _______. keep the table from being to wide
Names of the two rows at the bottom of the periodic table. lanthnides and actinides
The separated two rows are also known as ______. Rare Earth Metals
Lanthanides are _______. used to make alloys.
Actinides __________. exist in small amounts.
_______ is an actinide which is used in nuclear power plants. Uranium
Uranium is a _________ element. radioactive
All elements after uranium are ___________. synhetic
Synthetic equals man- made
To be classified as a metal on the periodic table it must have 3 characteristics: malleable, ductile, conductive
material which can be hammered into a sheet malleable
material that can be pulled into a wire ductile
conductor of electricity conductive
K means in Latin... (pottasium)kalium- ashes
Pb means in Latin... (lead) plumbum
Au means in Latin... (Gold) aurium
Hg in Latin means... (mercury) hydrogurum- liquid silver
Ag in Latin means... (silver) argentum
Cu in Latin means... (copper) cyprium- found on the island Cyprus- natrium
Fe in Latin means... (iron) ferrum
The 2 in H2O is called a _. subscript
The 4 in 2^4 is called a _. superscript
A diatomic molecule is __________. always found in pairs
bridge from metals to non- metals Transition Metals
Other metals are ________________. solid and dense like Al, Tin, and Lead
List the Noble Gases in order: Helium,Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon
List the Noble Gas's elements in order He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn
Na in Latin means... (sodium) natrium
elements that lack most of the properties of metals nonmetals
There are ___ nonmetals each located to the __________ of the zigzag line. 17; right
In general, the physical properties of non metals are ______ to those that characterize the metals. opposite
molecules of two identical atoms diatomic molecule
Name two other diatomic molecules besides O2. H2, N2
Why is hydrogen a separate group from the rest? Hydrogen's chemical properties are so different from the other elements, because it has one proton and one electron.
What is the most useful property of the metalloids? They have a varying ability to conduct electricity
substances that under some circumstances can carry electricity, and under some circumstances, cannot Semi- conductors
Semi-conductors are used to make... computer chips, transistors, and lasers
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