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Chapter 5


what are rocks made of Minerals
name the three rock groups Igneous Sedimentary Metamorphic
what is the most common rock type in Ireland Limestone
what are igneous rocks formed from Magma
what type of rock is it when the magma gets stuck inside the earths crust. Intrusive
what type of rock is it when lava reaches the earths surface Extrusive
name two igneous rocks Granite Basalt
Explain the difference between intrusive and extrusive rocks Intrusive= Large Crystals Extrusive= Small Crystals
How fast do (A) Intrusive rocks cool (B) Extrusive rocks cool (A) Slow (B) Fast/quickly
what type of crystals does granite have Large/big
what can granite be used for Building monuments and gravestones Kitchen countertops Fireplaces
where can granite be found Dublin-Wicklow mountains
what type of crystals does basalt have small
what can basalt be used for Road building
where can basalt be found The Giants Causeway
what are sedimentary rocks made of Pieces of other rock Remains of dead plants and animals
what is the material that binds the rock together cement
What are the layers that sedimentary rock formed called Strata
name two sedimentary rock Sandstone Limestone
what is sandstone made of Sand
what can sand stone be used for Tiles Monuments
where can sandstone be found Macgillycuddy's Reeks
what is limestone made of The remains of dead sea creatures
name the two characteristics of limestone Permeable Soluble
what can limestone be used for a base for building roads monuments
where can limestone be found the Burren
Name two metamorphic rocks Marble Quartzite
how are metamorphic rocks formed they star of as igneous or sedimentary then due to great heat or great pressure they change
what rock is marble made of Limestone
what colours can marble be white green red black
what can marble be used for counter tops fireplaces
where can marble be found Connemara
what stone is quartzite made of Sandstone
what can quartzite be used for sufacing of roads watches in glass
where can quartzite be found Sugarloaf
explain the term "natural resource" Resources that come from nature and that humans can use
name some natural resources oil, gas, coal, turf, gravel, stone, sand, lead, copper,
what can oil gas coal and turf be used for energy and heat sources
what can gravel stone and sand be used for building materials
what can lead and copper be used for pipes and batteries
name three ways of extracting natural resources Drilling Quarrying Shaft mining
explain the process of drilling boring/drilling into the earths crust
what natural resource are you extracting when drilling oil or gas
tell me the environmental impact of Drilling onshore and offshore drilling can cause damage to the local environment Birds and animals can swallow the oil
tell me the economic impact drilling at full production corrib has the potential to provide up to 60% of Ireland's gas needs
explain the process of quarrying removing rock, sand, gravel from the ground
what is quarrying also known as open cast mining
where does quarrying take place at or near the earths surface
tell me the environmental impact of quarrying a lot of dust is created which can cause air pollution quarrying is noisy because of breaking rocks and truck coming and going leading to noise pollution
tell me the economic impact of quarrying there are approximately 10,000 people employed. generates over 1 billion for the Irish economy
explain the process of shaft mining drilling vertically into the earth to gain access to minerals beneath the surface
what natural resource is being extracted when shaft mining Coal, Lead and zinc
tell me the the environmental impact of shaft mining large quantities of rock are brought up and this created dust. this dust can cause many health problems for people who breathe them in
tell me the economic impact of shaft mining the tara lead and zinc mines in county meath supports 730 jobs directly and many more indirectly
Created by: JMahango
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