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PSY-108 Sec. 1 Ch. 1

Intro to Psychology Test Section 1 Chapter 1

Description observing and recording through case study and observation
Explanation what study is about
Prediction what you think will happen
Control group that stays the same
Phases of Research the scientific method
Case Study study of one person in depth
Observational Research observing people
Naturalistic Observation observing subjects in their natural setting
Correlational Research sudying of naturally occuring relations (correlation) as either positive, negative, or none
Survey Research using a self-reported attitude of a particular group
Experimental Research using experiments with independent and dependent variables
Independent Variable factor that is manipulated
Dependent Variable factor that can change in response to manipulation of the independent variable
Control Group group that stays the same and results are based against
Expirimental Group group exposed to treatment
Placebo "sugar pill", fake treatment explained to really work
Blind Studies type of clinical trial in which only the doctor knows whether a patient is taking the standard treatment or the new treatment being tested. This helps prevent bias in treatment studies
Double-blind Studies clinical trials is in which neither the medical staff nor the patient knows which, of several possible therapies, the person is receiving
Random Sampling no criteria used in selection of sample subjects
Random Assignment assigning subjects to different groups
Measures of Central Tendancy a single value which is representative of a set of numbers by indicating the most typical value. Three measures of central tendency are the mean, median and mode
Measures of Variance using range and standard deviation
Statisical Significance statement in how likely it is that obtained result occurred by chance
Informed Consent form signed by subjects before experiments
Debriefing telling someone the real reasons behind experimental research if deciet was used
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