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G5 Science NoS

Test Prep Nature of Science

Analyze (Analizar) EXAMINE-To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelatedness. EXAMINAR-Examinar metódicamente separando en partes y estudiando su interrelación.
Characteristic característica TRAIT- A Characteristic is a feature, quality, property, or trait of an object or organism. RASGO: Una característica es una característica, cualidad, propiedad o rasgo de un objeto u organismo.
Classify GROUP-To arrange in a specific order or group by categories based on similarities.
Conclusion WHAT HAPPENED-A statement that tells what an investigation showed, based on observations and data.
Control group NOT EXPERIMENTED ON-A group in a scientific experiment that serves as a reference for comparison to the experimental group; a group that is untreated by the factor being tested
Data (Datos) INFO-Measurements or observations collected and recorded in an experiment or investigation. INFO-Medidas u observaciones recopiladas y registradas en un experimento o investigación.
Experiment TRY IT OUT-A scientific test or procedure that is carried out under controlled conditions to answer a scientific question.
Inference USE WHAT YOU KNOW TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE-An explanation based on evidence that is not directly observed.
Investigation HOW TO FIND OUT-An organized scientific study of the natural world that may include making systematic observations, asking questions, gathering information, analyzing data, summarizing results, drawing conclusions, and/or communicating results.
Observation CHECKING IT OUT-Information about the natural world gathered through the senses and/or scientific instruments.
Predict SMART GUESS-To state what one thinks will happen under certain conditions based on data or observation.
Technology FRIDGE/CAR- The use of scientific knowledge and processes to solve practical problems.
Testable GETTING THE FACTS- A term used to describe a question that can be answered through an experiment or observation. ( ABLE TO BE TESTED)
Trials DOUBLE CHECKS/LAPS/ROUNDS-Multiple sets of measurements or observations in a scientific investigation.
Valid PROVEN TRUE-A term used to describe the certainty of data or results of an investigation or experiment.
Variable CHANGE-An event, condition, or factor that can be changed or controlled in order to study or test a hypothesis in a scientific experiment. (WHAT'S DIFFERENT)
Created by: Mr OBerc
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