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big test 06


Artisan A worker who is especially skilled in making something, such as baskets, leather gods, tools jewlry pottery or clothes
Astronmer a scientist who studies the stars and other objects in the sky
silt rich,fertile soil deposited by the flooding of a river
Dynasty A series of rulers from the same family
Hiroglyph a kind of picture writing in which some pictures stand for ideas or things and others stand for sounds
Papyrus an early form of paper made from a reed like plant found in marshy areas of the nile
pharoah the tittle of the kings of anicent egypt
Pyramid a huge building with four sloping outside walls shapped like triangles in egypt, pyramids were built as royal tombs
Regent someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
After life the next life in which the dead are belived to live again
Delta The place at the mouth of a river where it splits into several streams to form an area shape like a triangle
Because of nuNu
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