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vexare vexo,vexare,vexavi,vexatus-to annoy
agere ago,agere,egi,actus- to do,drive
facere facio,facere,feci,factus-to do,make
dormire dormio,dormire,dormivi,dormiturus-to sleep
ferre fero,ferre,tuli,latus-to bring,carry
intraverunt (they)entered
ceno,cenare to dine,eat dinner
cena,-ae dinner
vobis for you
iussit he ordered
duxit he led
lectus,-i bed
hic lectus this bed
sordidus,-a,-um dirty
rem explicare to explain the situation
melior better
tibi for you
esurio,esurire to be hungry
cubitum ire to go tobed
valde very, exceedingly,very much
ierunt they went
vigilo,vigilare stay awake
manserunt they stayed
post after
medius,-a,-um mid-,middle of
media nox midnight
licetne nobis? is it allowed for us..? may we?
paulisper for a short time
esto! all right
misisti you have sent
voluimus we wanted
enim for
dum..devorant while..were devouring
miles,militis soldier
vir optime sir
optimus,-a,-um best,very good
Created by: gguarino