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ATI - Practice

ATI Practice Questions Part 1

This is a common side effect of albuterol if it is used excessively. tachycardia
What is the greatest risk following a thoracentisis? pneumothorax
In a patient post thoracentisis, what might decreased breath sounds indicate? pneumothorax
Why would a blood specimen from a radial artery be aspirated into a heparinized syringe? Heparinization is required for an accurate sampling result.
Why is it necessary to perform the Allen test before drawing a blood sample from a radial artery? This prevents the use of an artery that has insufficient blood flow, which can damage the hand.
Why should patients with COPD receive a high calorie and high protein diet? Patients with COPD have difficulty obtaining enough calories and protein duet to fatigue and satiety. Therefore the food that is consumed should be high in calories and protein.
In the patient with COPD, when should respiratory treatments be scheduled in reference to meals? before meals
What does continuout bubbling in the water seal chamber of a test tube indicate? A possible air leak which will require further action.
In a patient with a chest tube following surgery, drainage greater than what amount would require further action. 100 mL/hr
Why should the nurse have a pair of padded clamps in the room of a patient who has had a chest tube inserted? In case the chest tube becomes disconnected.
Is a cough related to pneumonia usually productive or nonproductive? productive
With pneumonia, a SaO2 level below what is expected? 95%
What would we expect the temperature of a patient with bacterial pneumonia to do? elevate
Will a patient with bacterial pneumonia have tachypnea, or bradypnea? In an attempt to increase oxygen levels, respirations will increase, therefore tachypnea.
If a patient has lung cancer, we may expect to see what in the sputum and why? Blood because the tumor may be bleed.
In a patient with lung cancer what usually happens to the tactile fremitus? It is usually increased due to tumor spaces being replaced with tumor tissue or fluids.
What condition can occure with too much or scheduled suctioning? Hypoxia
If a patient is hypoventilating, will the patient be more likely to develop respiratory acidosis or respiratory alkalosis? Respiratory acidosis
What is the greatest risk for a patient who has just been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism? This patient is at greatest risk for respiratory arrest related to extension of the clot.
This is a short acting Beta 2 agonist which acts quickly to produce bronchodilation and would be used for a patient with an acute asthma attack. albuterol (proventil)
When a patient has a vent, what alarm will a kink in the tubing cause to go off? The high pressure alarm.
When a patient has a vent, what alarm will a leak in the artificial airway cuff cause to go off? The low pressure alarm.
What alarm will an excess of secretions cause to go off with the vent patient? The high pressure alarm.
What alarm does biting of the tracheal tube cause to go off with the vent patient? The high pressure alarm.
What color will Rifampin (Rifadin) which is given to patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, turn the urine? orange
Should Rifampin (Rifadin) which is used for pulmonary tuberculosis, be taken on an empty stomach or with meals? It should be taken on an empty stomach.
What happens to the PaO2 in acute respiratory failure? It is decreased.
Does acute respiratory failure result in respiratory acidosis or respiratory alkalosis? Respiratory acidosis
What will happen to the carbon dioxide levels in acute respiratory failure? It will rise.
A tension pneumothorax will cause the trachea to deviate to what side? The unaffected side.
An increase of respiratory rate indicates what in the work of breathing? An increase in the work of breathing and the need for improvement of oxygen delivery.
What type of isolation precautions should be implemented for the patient who is admitted with active tuberculosis? Airborne isolation. Negative pressure room.
What kind of precautions should be implemented with the patient with Rubella? Droplet precautions.
This type of isolation protects patients from outside infections, such as patients who are receiving bone marrow transplants. Neutropenic precautions.
What type of precaustions would be implemented for the patient with Scabies> Contact precautions.
What is the greatest risk to the patient following a bronchoscopy? Aspiration because of a depressed gag reflex.
A patient taking the aminoglycoside Gentamicin(Garamycin) which is an antibiotic should be watched for signs of what condition? Nephrotoxicity
Is Catopril used to reduce or increase blood pressure? reduce blood pressure
In patients with renal impairment, what can Sodium Bicarbonate cause? It can cause system alkalosis.
Absorption of sodium can either increase or decrease blood pressure. Which one is it? Increase blood pressure, but it is contraindicated in patients with renal impairment.
What is Eryhropoeitn given to patients with chronic renal failure for? To treat the associated anemia.
Why would a patient with oliguric renal failure be given Dopamine (Intropin)? To enhance blood flow to the kidneys and to increase the patient's blood pressure.
Hemodialysis is contraindicated for patient who are not able to take what kind of medications? Anticoagulants
In acute renal failure what happens to the potassium level? It is usually elevated.
In acute renal failure what happens to the sodium level? It is usually decreased
What happens to the hct in acute renal failure? It is usually decreased.
Why cant a chronic renal failure patient use salt substitute? Because it contains potassium.
Why cant a chronic renal failure patient take milk of magnesia? Because it is too high in sodium.
What might weight gain indicate in a chronic renal failure patient? It might indicate fluid retention caused by poorly functioning kidneys.
In a patient who has just undergone a tranurethral resectioning of the prostate, what causes the strong urge to urinate and what should the nurse do in this situation? Bladder spasms are causing the urge to urinate, the nurse should administer a belladonna and opium suppository.
What is the greatest risk to the patient who has had hemodialysis 1 hour ago? Hypoventilation
Acute pylonephritis is an acute bacterial infection that is treated with IV antibiotics
What is pyuria? Presence of WBC's in the urine.
What type of a diuretic is Spironolactone? It is a potassium sparing diuretic.
What action does polystyrene sulfonate have on the patient with elevated potassium levels? It is an exchange resin that will absorb excess potassium.
What will Oxybutynin (Ditropan)do for the patient with mixed (urge and stress) incontinence? It will decrease the leaking of urine, relieving symptoms of stress incontinence.
What color is the urine of a patient with acute glomerulonephritis? It is usually dark colored, a reddish brown color.
Do patients with nephrotic syndrome experience hypoalbuminuria or hyperalbuminuria? Hypoalbuminuria
Persons with gout need to limit the amount of foods high in what? Purines
In the patient receiving hemodialysis, a rapid increase of fluids can result in cerebral edema and IICP putting the patient at risk for what? seizures
What type of technique is used for changing the dressing on a penrose drain? sterile technique
If a patient has an eviscerated wound, after covering it with a saline soaked dressing, what should be done next? Vitals should be taken to determine if the patient is in shock.
If a patient is on antihypertensive medications like Captopril (Catopen) what kind of a risk might it pose for the patient getting ready to undergo surgery? It could cause a hypotensive crisis when it is given with anethetic agents.
In the postoperative patient, reports of chest pain and SOB may indicate what occurence with the patient? Pulmonary Embolism