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Science 8 obj: 5

Earth & Space Science

lithosphere the_____ made the crust and uppermost part of the mantle
plates lithosphere is broken into a number of large pieces
plate tectonics is the theory of _____ ________, the movement of Earth’s plates produces volcanoes, mountain ranges, earthquakes and features on the ocean floor
transform boundary occurs where to plates are sliding past each other in opposite directions with little up or down motion.
convergent boundary occurs where 2 plates come together
divergent boundary occurs where 2 plates are moving apart.
rock cycle is a series of processes on and beneath Earth’s surface that slowly change rocks from one kind to another.
sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. The three types of rocks that are involved in the rock cycle
hardness you can find the______of a mineral is measured using using Mohs Hardness Scale
luster. the way a mineral reflects light off its surface is called _________
watershed. Runoff from precipitation forms streams, which flow together to form rivers. The area drained by a river system
erosion The movement of particles from one location to another
weathering the process of rock being broken down into smaller pieces.
water cycle Water on Earth is recycled through the process
heat energy The driving force of the water cycle is ____ _______ from the sun.
permeable Water moves easily through ______ materials
impermeable Water moves does not move easily through _____ materials.
aquifer is an underground layer of rock or soil that stores water
winds All_______are caused by differences in air pressure, which are the result of unequal heating of Earth’s surface
fronts When air masses collide they form one of the four types of ________
sun The ______energy comes from nuclear fusion
seasons Earth’s__________are due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, resulting in either direct or indirect sunlight striking the Earth’s surface
Rotation refers to when an object spins on its own axis
revolution refers to when one object travels around another object in an orbit.
galaxies There are three types of_________ are spiral, elliptical, and irregular
Milky Way We live in the _________galaxy, which is a spiral galaxy
big bang 119) The most commonly accepted theory of the origin of the universe is referred to as the ______ ________theory.
mass The path a star takes during its life cycle depends on the ______of the star
classified Stars are__________ according to size, temperature, and brightness
gravity The effect on ____ from both the moon and the Sun causes 2 types of oceanic tides on the Earth, spring and neap.
produce The moon does not______ its own light; it reflects light from the Sun.
waxing When the moon appears to be increasing in size it is said to be _______
waning. when the moon appears to be decreasing in size it is said to be ___________.
crescent When the moon appears to be less than half way full it is said to be _________moon
gibbous when the moon appears to be more than half way full it is said to be a _________ moon.
Created by: HBend