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7th Biome Succession & Ecology Test Review 2023

Habitat The environment where a species of organism lives or thrives
Population The amount of a specific species living thing in a given area
Ecosystem Biotic and abiotic things that interact in a given area
Biotic living things in an ecosystem
Carbondioxide Animals exhale it; plants consume and store it
Niche The best place for an organism to exist in its ecosystem
Community A group of populations in an area
Lichen a pioneer species on a volcanic island
Primary The type of succession that occurs after a volcano
Secondary The type of succession that occurs on land where there has been a forest fire
Grass A pioneer species of secondary succession
Soil Something that Primary succession doesn’t begin with
ClimaxCommunity The end result of succession
Equilibrium When _____ occurs in and area, succession stops happening
Desert an area with the hottest temperatures that gets less than 25cm of rain per year
Biome a global land area that is characterized by its plants, animals and climate
Grassland the biome where Lions and buffalo roam
Tundra large land area with permafrost soil and no trees
Taiga Many tundra animals go to this forest biome that is below freezing half the year
Deciduousforest this biome has four seasons and trees with no leaves in winter
TropicalRainForest Biome that is never cold and always gets over 200cm of rain per year
Coniferous Trees that make and bear cones
Deciduous Trees with green leaves that change color and fall off in winter
Cactus The wax covered dominant plant of the desert
Precipitation Rain, snow, sleet, & hail
Freezing zero degrees Celsius
Tropical The warmest climate zone on Earth
Temperate The climate zones with 4 distinct seasons
Polar The climate zones with permafrost
Canopy The layer of a forest with thick leaves that act like an umbrella
Understory T. rainforest are known for vines, in which layer would they be found?
Created by: coach_fletcher
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