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Geo Mod 15 #2

Geo Mod 15 #2: Oceania

_____ first brought colonists to the Oceania region Whaling
There was further colonization of the Oceania region after _____ was introduced Livestock
The Oceania region has mineral wealth, including _____ and a lot of_______ potential Gold; Agricultural
Pacific Islanders were ______ to work Australian cotton and sugar plantations Enslaved
The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) is addressing climate change and has established a _____ economy which shares ______ resources Blue; Ocean
The Oceania economy is seeing a change in _______ with more coming from Asia, which is ending their preferential trade with _______ Imports; Britain
The Oceania region has developed _______ economies which are dependent on labor migration and ______ MIRAB; Remittances
The Oceania region is developing their tourism based on the concept "______" Island Paradise
Tourism dependent economies of the Oceania region leave them vulnerable during global economic ______ Downturns
Australia and New Zealand have ______ standards of living except for the ________ populations where poverty rates are high High; Indigenous
The Pacific Islands exhibit "_______ affluence" Subsistence
Fiji, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea are seeking _________ Independence
Aboriginal children that were forcibly taken from their families are known as the "_______" Stolen Generation
Oceania region religion is primarily _______ and animist Christianity
The Oceania region has linguistic diversity with ______ the predominant language English
The Oceania region culture is made up _____ cultures and _____ cultures Indigenous; British
The Oceania region has distinct and diverse ______ traditions Island
People migrate from the Oceanic area for labor and economic reasons with many going to _______ North America
Ethnicity in the Oceanic region was driving by _____ Australia Policy which sought to maintain a ______ population White; European
The White Australia Policy favored ______ Europeans followed by _____ Europeans Northern; Southern
Created by: scarangelo
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