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Geo Mod 15 #1

Geo Mod 15 #1: Oceanics

The Oceania is a relatively ____ lands are that is _____ populated Small; Sparsely
Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and Antarctica are part of the ________ region Oceania
Climate of Oceania is diverse with some areas _____ and other areas are monsoon, ____ and highland climates Arid; Polar
The monsoon climate is related to the _______ influence on northern Australia ITCZ
There are concerns with climate change in Oceania including _____ depletion and related health risks, sea level rise and Island nations Ozone
There was an _____ of Small Island States created in the Oceania region to negotiate climate change Alliance
The _______ ______ protects Antarctica and promotes scientific research, regulates tourism and addresses concerns over ice cover disappearing Antarctic Treaty
________ has the Great Artesian Basin aquifer Australia
Australia has a marginalized _______ population Aborigine
New Zealand has a lot of _____ activity Tectonic
New Zealand has rugged mountain ranges and ______ (glaciated) landscapes Fjord
New Zealand's agriculture is _______ Productive
The High _____ Islands are ______ in Origin and have heavy rainfall patterns Pacific; Volcanic
The _____ Pacific Islands are _____ atoll in origin and have extremely vulnerable landscapes Low; Coral
The Oceania ecosystems has marsupials, monotremes, eucalyptus, and has problems with ______ and _____ species Exotic; Feral
Ecological _______ caused significant environmental _______ in the Oceania region Imperialism; Degradation
In the Oceania region, common property resources are managed by _______ rather than _______ Communities; Individuals
Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) grant claims to _____ resources to island _____ Ocean; Nations
The Great Barrier Reef is damaged from high ocean acidity and bleaching due to higher ocean _______ Temperatures
The massive Pacific ______, made up of mostly plastics and fishing gear is endangering _____ Garbage Patch; Wildlife
Created by: scarangelo
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