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Geo Mod 14 #1

Geo Mod 14 #1: Southeast Asia

Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam make up the MAINLAND _______ region Southeast Asia
Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and East Asia, and Timor make up ______ Southeast Asia Insular
Deforestation is an environmental concern in Southeast Asia for _____ _____ that is used for biodiesel Palm Oil
Smoke and air ________ from burning peat bogs and commercial clearing of forest are environmental problems in southeast Asia Pollution
Climate change in Southeast Asia is leading to rising sea levels and ______ of both urban and agricultural areas Flooding
Climate change in Southeast Asia is causing increased temperature which is negatively impacting _______ Agriculture
Southeast Asia has about 600 million people yet it is ________ populated Sparsely
Southeast Asia has thousands of _______, many _______, and is threatened by tsunamis and typhoons Islands; Volcanoes
Southeast Asia populations are ______ where there are river valleys, deltas, coasts, and fertile volcanic soil Dense
Insular Southeast Asia lacks _____ soil and cannot support intensive _______ production of large populations Fertile; Agriculture
Southeast Asia agriculture production is dependent on constant field ______ or significant amounts of _______ Rotation; Fertilizers
Agriculture practice of shifting and slash and burns is called: Swidden Agriculture
Plantation agriculture was introduced during the ________ era Colonial
________ cultivation is prominent in mainland Southeast Asia Rice
Singapores birth rate is below ______ level Replacement
Indonesia's policy of relocating people form high-density to lower-density areas Transmigration
Overall, Southeast Asia has a ____ level of urbanization Low
Singapore is a City-_____ State
Created by: scarangelo
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