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Geo Mod 13 #2

Geo Mod 13 #2: Sout Asia

South Asia was initially occupied with trading posts by the ______ and Portuguese French
By the 1840s, the ______, through the British East India Company was largely in ______ of South Asia, except for Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan British; Control
_______ withdrew from South Asia in 1947 and the British South Asia divided into India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) British
After the British withdrew from South Asia, ______ resulted between groups there that led to more than a million killed and 14 million people displaced Violence
When the British left South Asia, ______ was not included in the splitting up and India, Pakistan, and China are still fighting for _____ of it Kashmir; Control
There is internal and external ______ in Kashmir which contains _____, Hindu, and Buddhist populations Conflict; Muslim
Sri Lanka has seen ethnic violence from ______ and _______ differences between Hindu Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese Religious; Linguistic
There are ethnic conflicts between Bangladesh and _____ India
Afghanistan has conflict from the ______ occupation, followed by tribal warfare followed by the Taliban and ______ terrorist attacks Soviet; 9/11
South Asia is one of the world's _______ regions but wealth does exist Poorest
There are some high-tech business and links to ______ economy in South Asia Global
1 out of 3 of the world's malnourished children live in _______ India
Women in Muslim and Hindu societies have a _____ social position Low
Female literacy rates are _____ males in South Asia Behind
Violence and marginalization of women and girls is rampant in _______ controlled Afghanistan Taliban
_______ ratios are ______ due to gender-selective abortion and female child neglect Gender; Unbalanced
Violence against _______, dowry demands, and dowry murders remain issues in South Asia Women
Women who are educated tend to educate ____ their kids, marry ____ in life, and have fewer kids themselves and contribute to household income and reduce poverty All; Later
Created by: scarangelo
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