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Geo Mod 13 #1

Geo Mod 13 #1: Sout Asia

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are part of the _______ Region South Asia
South Asia has a _______ climate due to seasonal shift in wind direction Monsoon
South Asia has cool dry winters from the continental interior and warm moist winds from the Indian Ocean in the summer, resulting in ______ and ____ seasons Dry; Wet
Climate change in South Asia will result in sea-level rise that will impact low lying ______ and Bangladesh Maldives
South Asia is soon to become the worlds most ______ region, eve thought India and Pakistan have_______ TFR rates Populous; Lowered
South Asia is mostly _____ with only 33% urban Rural
South Asia is having a rapid rural to urban migration that is leading to growth of large ______ settlements and homelessness Squatter
Squatter settlements in India are called Bustees
The 1960s agricultural change that resulted in high yield seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides, mechanization and irrigation technologies and displacement of poor farmers was called the ______ Green Revolution
The major religious faith in India and Nepal Hinduism
The sacred language of South Asia is called: Sanskrit
Hinduism believes in _______ and the transmigration of the soul through ______ Karma; Reincarnation
The social order of the Hindu world is a _____ System Caste
______ religion accounts for about 2% of South Asia population and stresses non-violence Buddhism
______ is a minority religion in South Asia and was diffused here from Central Asia Islam
_______ is a monotheistic religion with pockets near Northern India and the Pakistani border Sikhism
_______ is practiced in northwestern India and stresses non-violence Jainism
There is a large minority of Christians in ______ India
Zoroastrianism is a religion found in ______ South Asia
There is a lot of linguistic diversity in South Asia with ______ being the most widely spoken Hindi
Linguistic and ethnic ______ is common in multilingual countries of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India Conflict
Created by: scarangelo
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