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IV Skills

Intravenous Therapy Skills

How long do you have from the beginning of the skill to begin administrationof medication? 6 minutes
At what point during this skill should you take BSI precautions? Prior to performing venipuncture, but after tearing the tape.
How many attempts do you have during this skill to establish an IV 3 attempts in 6 minutes.
What is the first thing you should do immediately after establishing an IV? Put the contaminated needle in a sharps container.
What 2 things should you check your selected IV fluid for? Proper fluid and Clarity
What 3 thingsmust you select after being given an order from medical direction to start an IV? Fluid, appropriate catheter, proper administration set.
After selecting the proper equipment, what should you do next? You should connect the IV tubing to the IV bag.
After connecting the tubing to the bag, what should you do next? You should prepare the administration set by filling the drip chamber and flushing the tubing. (Make sure there is no air in the tubing which could result in an air embolism.)
What 2 things must you do after preparing your IV fluid, but before beginning the steps of venipuncture? Tear the tape, and take BSI precautions.
Before trying to palpate a suitable vein, what should you do? Apply a tourniquet.
After finding a suitable vein, what should you do next before the venipuncture? Cleanse the site thoroughly. (use an alcohol swab, clense in a circular motion from the inside out.)
What are the 5 steps of the actual venipuncture? Insert stylette, Notes/verbalizes flashback, Occludes vein proximal to catheter, removes stylette, connects IV tubing to catheter
Which direction should the stylette be inserted into the vein? Bevel side up!
After establishing an IV and putting the needle in a sharps container, what should you do next? Release the tourniquet.
After releasing the tourniquet, what should you do to ensure a patent IV line? You should run the IV for a brief period of time.
After ensuring a patent IV line, what should you do? Secure the catheter (with tape or verbalize)
What is the final step of this skill? You should adjust the flow rate as appropriate
Created by: hoylandhr