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Science 8-1 Wad

Burst Inward Implode
Fundementils units in a system of measure.The base SI units are the metric, kilogram Base Unit
A distinguishable part of a sequence or cycle over time Phase
a person trained as a guide or lecturer for a muesum or art gallery Docent
the process of seperating non-metalic metals components from other metals Smelting
The energy possessed by a moving body to do work bya virtue of itself Kinetic Energy
the mechanical that a body has by the position;stored energy Potential energy
a set of ordered steps for solving a problem, such as a mathmatical formula or the instructions in a program Algorthim
method of simulating real-life situations to forcast their future behavior Mathmatical Modeling
A substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical or physical means, it is made up on one type of atom Element
Greek word meaning "cannot be broken" Atomos
Atomic number is equal to the number of protons in an atoms nucleus atomic number
smaller than a atom subtomic
a positivly charged subtomic proton Proton
Summary of previous research or a topic Review of Lit.
A subtomic particle with no electric charge and mass about to a proton Neutron
The core central part of something Nucleus
a particle of the atom has a negative charge. the electron is not part of the nucleus but moves around in a orbit around the nueclus electron
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