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Whitehead-E. Europe

Eastern Europe

Country torn apart by ethnic fighting Bosnia
Two countries created from the break-up of Czechoslovakia Slovakia and Czech Republic
Peninsula south of Eastern Europe Balkan
NATO used air strikes agains the Serbian government and forces here Kosovo
Countries with no access to sea or ocean ports Landlocked
Labor union and party that worked for reform in Poland Solidarity
Process of trying to rid another ethnic group for a pure group of their own people Ethnic Cleansing
Once made six separate republics held together by communism Yugoslavia
Reason for fighting in Bosnia and other areas of former Yugoslavia ethnic
Factor that led people to flee homes in Kosovo government policy
Changes occured in Eastern Europe at this time the move from communism to independence
civil wars in Easter Europe illustrate problem of Ethnic rivalry
Eastern Europe was controlled by this nation after WWII Russia
Type of government that controlled Eastern European nations from the late 40s to the late 80s Communist
Eastern European transition from communist government began with ... Sharp price increases and high unemployment
Slovakia became independent when it split with the ... Czech Republic
Country that was 6 separate republics held together by communist rule Yugoslavia
Name of the peaceful break-up of Czechoslovakia Velvet Revolution
Nation with conflicting ethnic groups Bosnia-Herzegovina
Republics that maingtained the name Yugoslavia after 4 republics devlared independence Serbia and Montenegro
Most people from Kosovo are Albanians
This group stopped the government policiy of Serbia attacking the Muslims of Kosovo NATO
Created by: ewhitehead