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Stack #35297

Mr. Olson 5th Grade Science Chapter 3E

How old a rock is when compared to other rocks is its ________. relative age
The actual age of a rock is its _________. absolute age
What is something used to represent an object or idea? model
What is a downward fold of rock layers? syncline
A bend in a rock layer is called a ________. fold
What can help scientists tell the relative age of rocks? index fossils
The carrying away of weathered rock material is called _________. erosion
What are the remains and traces of living things preserved in rock? fossils
What forms when forces deep within the Earth push rock layers upward. dome mountains
Which layer of Earth is mostly solid rock with some properties of liquids? mantle
What is an upward fold of rock layers? anticline
Which layer of Earth is made of molten iron and nickel? outer core
A break in a rock along which movement has occured is called a _______. fault
Which layer of Earth is made up of solid rock, most of which is granite, gabbro, and basalt? crust
Which layer of Earth is made of solid iron and nickel? inner core
Earth's crust is broken into many large and small pieces called _______. plates
Created by: mr.olson