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Geo Ch 7/Mod 10 #5

Geo Beudoin Videl Ch 7/Mod 10 #5: Latin America/Caribbean

Economic policy focused on privatization, export production and few import restrictions is called Neo_______ Liberalism
There has been an _______ presence of multinational corporations in the Caribbean since the 1960's Increased
The multinational corporations that are operating in the Caribbean spur economic growth for the area, but it does not benefit the ______ or address _______ disparities People; Income
The loans, defaults, and structural adjustment programs that are part of neoliberalism have caused _________ crisis Debt
Latin America is dependent on their _______for economic growth Exports
Major exports of Latin America are ______, mining, forestry, and ______ Agriculture; Energy
Venezuela gets 90% of its revenue from _____ exports Oil
Foreign owned factories- often assembly plants Maguiladoras
Problems with Maguiladoras are US job _____, and environmental _______ Loss; Degradation
Companies are attracted to Maguiladoras for_____ incentives and low _____ costs Tax; Labor
Maguiladoras result in ____ tax revenues and ______ exploitation Lost; Worker
Latin America is seeing improvements in life expectancy and _____ survival Child
Latin America is starting to see educational _____ Equity
In the Caribbean, women have power in the _____ but it does not give them ______ status in society Home; Higher
In the Caribbean, the women work in ______ plants and are often the main _____ earners Assembly; Wage
In the Caribbean, ______ are more likely to complete secondary education and their are signs of greater _______ involvement by women Women; Political
Caribbean has ____ literacy rates even though education is _______ High; Expensive
The outflow of professionals from a country through emigration Brain Drain
The return of professionals who return from migration Brain Gain
Latin America shows ______ for diversity as segregation is ____, interracial marriage is common Tolerance; Rare
In Latin America, Indians and Blacks are more likely to be ______ Poor
Created by: scarangelo
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