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Geo Mod 9/Ch 6 #1

Geo Mod 9/Ch 6 #1- N. America Lecture

North America Regions is also referred to as "_____- ______" due to its British Colonial history Anglo America
North America includes the US and ______ Canada
North America is rich in natural _____: agricultural _____, water resources, mineral, fossil fuels and forestry products Resources; Soil
North America has more than _____ million people 345
The rate of natural increase (RNI) is North America is below ____% 1
A _______ BR is found among the _____ population which means the the population is replacing itself, but the overall population is growing older Higher; Younger
Pre-contact North American populations are estimated to be about 3.2 million in the ______ and 1.2 million in _____, Alaska, Hawaii, and Greenland US; Canada
Europeans introduced _____, conflict and economic and social problems as a result of ________ Disease; Displacement
Diseases, conflict and economic and social problems brought by the Europeans reduced North American population by ______% 90-95
European settlement of North American began about _____ years ago 400
The first stage of European settlement was from ____ -______ in the Coastal and River Colonies 1600-1750
The second stage of European settlement was from ____ -______ and were Agricultural Settlements 1750-1850
The third stage of European settlement was from ____ -______ and showed Rapid Growth of Agricultural Settlements 1850-1910
The persistent migration pattern of North America was the _____ Movement Westward
The African American ______ from the _____ occurred after the Civil War Exodus; South
African American Exodus form the South had people moving _____ and _____, but reversed back tot he south in the 1970s North; West
______ _____ Growth was the area was the fastest growth area since the 1970s due to lower living costs and Economic and recreational opportunities Sun Belt
The growth of suburbia due to changes in transportation technologies was known as ______ Metropolis Decentralized
The ___________ Era produced compact cityscapes Pedestrian/Horse/Car
The _____________ Era produced fingers of growth as people began to spread out Electric Street Car
The ________ Era produced produced suburban development Automobile
The ______ era produced disconnected "Edge Cities" Freeway
North America exhibits global ______ influences Cultural
Culturally, there is a strong ______ influence in North America Anglo
Canada and the US have differed regarding attitudes about ______ populations and cultures Immigrant
______ has a multiculturalist attitude and the US has an _______ attitude Canada; Assimilationist
Created by: scarangelo
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