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Peds Grow&Dev Ch 12+

Peds test Wong's Chapter 12 & 13

Freud stage for toddler is Anal (begin to get control of bowel&bladder)
Age for Anal stage 2-3 years
Toddler age is 1 and 2 year old's
Erickson Toddler stage is Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt
Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt - age is 18mos-3yrs
Autonomy Vs Shame & Doubt key idea want to do it by self
Piaget Toddler stage is Sensorimotor/Pre-operational
Sensorimotor/Pre-operational is about being centered on self
Kohlberg right from wrong, by response, good or bad
15 mo Toddler gross motor crawl up stairs
15 mo Toddler fine motor throw toys; can stack 2 blocks; drink w/cup;
15 mo Toddler language know 4 to 6 words
15 mo Toddler sleep 1 nap & sleep all nite
24 mo Toddler gross motor walk upstairsw/1 foot (not alternating)
24 mo Toddler fine motor can: stack 6-7 cubes;turn book pages;run;draw line;
24 mo Toddler language 300 words, simple phrases;
24 mo Toddler sleep 1 nap & sleep all nite
Toddler nutrition teach healthy habits,offer good food
Toddler dental brush teeth
Toddler toilet training do when they are ready
Toddler toilet training - PHYSICAL readiness motor skills: be able to squat & remove clothes
Toddler toilet training - MENTAL readiness recognize urge to go potty
Toddler toilet training-PHYCHOLOGICAL readiness desire for clean pants
Toddler toilet training - PARENTAL readiness time of low stress is best
Shoe sizes change fast so checked every: 3 months for 1st 3 years
Temper Tantrums ignore this attention getting method
Injury prevention-MV accidents, falls, drownings, burns, poisoning Review all info from Ch 10 and be careful
PreSchooler age is _,_,_ & they love: 3, 4 & 5/they love motion
PreSchooler Erickson stage is Initative vs Guilt
Initative vs Guilt initative to learn, 100's of ?'s; guilt-may believe thought makes things happer (ie:death)
PreSchooler Freud stage is phallic
PreSchooler Piaget stage is Pre-operational or Pre-conceptual:starts to understand symbols
PreSchooler focus on majical thinking: huge imagination, an inaminate object can have a personality, cartoons become real
3 yr PreSchooler learns gender
3 yr PreSchooler gross motor rides tricycle, can go upstairs w/alternating feet
3 yr PreSchooler fine motor 9-10 cube tower, draw circles & faces
3 yr PreSchooler language 900 words; begin to dress self
3 yr PreSchooler sleep all nite, still a nap
4 yr PreSchooler gross motor skip,hop on 1 foot, catch ball, throw overhand, walk downstairs with alt.feet
4 yr PreSchooler fine motor scissors, draw square
4 yr PreSchooler language 1500 words, 4-5 word sentances; repeat everything!
4 yr PreSchooler sleep some do not still need nap
5 yr PreSchooler gross motor skip & hop, jump rope, walk backwards
5 yr PreSchooler fine motor better cutting skills, pencil use, draw diamond & triangle,some #'s
5 yr PreSchooler language 2100 words & 6-8 word sentances
5 yr PreSchooler sleep start losing nap
Preschool nutrition bal meals, fruits & vegies, offer choices
Preschool Dental brush teeth by self by age 5, see a dentist
Preschool Sleep nightmares & nightterrors common for age, will go away
Preschool Sleep nightmares vs nightterrors nightmares-wake up; nightterrors-do not wake up
Preschool age common fears dark, monsters, logic does not work-sweep them away;
Preschool Sex Ed answer ?'s with simple and correct answers
Preschool age imaginary friend is common
Daycare/school need clean, licensed, go look
Preschool age injury prevention need supervision;
Created by: RN