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Chapter 7

Mexico and Central America

isthmus a narrow stripe of land that connects two larger land areas
similar having qualities in common
benefit an advantage.
tierra caliente the warmest climate zone, located at lower elevations
tierra templada a temperature climate zone, located at mid- elevations
tierra fría a colder climate zone, located at a higher elevation
bauxite a mineral that is used to make aluminum
extinct describing a volcano that is no longer able to erupt
dormant still capable of erupting but showing no signs of activity
staple a food that is eaten regularly
surplus extra; more than needed
feature a noteworthy characteristic
conquistador a Spanish explorer of the early Americas
transform to change something completely
colonialism a policy based on control of one country by another
revolution a period of violent and sweeping change
plantation a large farm
cash crop a farm product grown for producted
caudillo a person who often ruled a Latin American country as a dictator and was generally a high-ranking military officer or a rich man
Columbian Exchange the transfer of plants and animals between Europe, Asia, and Africa on one side and the Americas on the other
maquiladoras a foreign-owned factory where workers assemble parts
mural a large painting on a wall
circumstance condition
dependence too much reliance
initiate to begin
free-trade zone an area where trade barriers between countries are relaxed or lowered
remittance the money sent back to the homeland by people who have gone somewhere else to work
reggae a traditional Jamaican style of music that uses complex drum rhythms
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