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Latin Ecce II 31

Ecce Romani Vocabulary for Chapter 31

conviva, -ae, m. guest (at a banquet)
perna, -ae, f. ham
umbra, -ae, f. shadow, shade (of the dead)
cachinnus, -i, m. laughter
denarius, -i, m. denarius (silver coin)
lanius, -i, m. butcher
pretium, -i, n. price
triclinium, -i, n. dining room
caro, carnis, f. meat
lepus, leporis, m. hare
fidelissimus, -a, um most, faithful, very faithful
multus, -a, um much
notus, -a, um known
optimus, -a, um best, very good, excellent
celeber, celebris, celebre famous
pinguis, -is, -e fat
procax, procacis insolent, (as slang) pushy
idem, eadem, idem the same
ipse, ipsa, ipsum himself, herself, itself, themselves
gratis free, for nothing
immo rather, on the contrary
magnopere greatly
quidem indeed
recte rightly, properly
umquam ever
vero truly, really, indeed
autem however, but
a, ab + abl. from, by
retineo, retinére, retinui, retentus to hold back, keep
addó, addere, addidi, additus to add
bibó, bibere, bibi to drink
dépónó, deponere, deposuí, depositus to lay down, put aside, set down
minuó, minuere, minuí, minutus to lessen, reduce, decrease
páscó, pascere, paví, pastus to feed, pasture
reprehendo, reprehendere, reprehendi, reprehenus to blame, scold, reprove
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus to receive, get welcome
Quanti...? How much...?
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