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Geo Ch. 4 #5


By 1957, Jews in Israel declared _______ to be its national capital Jerusalem
Israeli's drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland with Manu moving to ____ countries or under Israeli occupations such a the West Bank and the ___ Strip Arab; Gaza
The Palestinians in Occupied Territories rebelled in the late 1980s was called: Intifada
2005, under UN pressure, ____ started to give some land back to _______, but continued to build physical barriers between them Israel; Palestine
The Islamist Palestinian political party that is committed to the abolition of the Israeli state Hamas
Israel ______ to work with the Hamas Refuses
Because of the instability between Israel and Palestine, there is tension between _____ and Israel because Lebanon had let Palestine launch attacks on Israel from Lebanon Lebanon
Lebanon based political organization whose goal is to abolish the state of Israel Hezbollah
Hezbollah and Hamas are both ____ group determined to abolish _____ Terrorist; Israel
______ adheres to Wahabism, the extreme interpretation of the SUNNI Kiran whose goal is to purge the region of wall of those who did not align their views including the regions Shi'a population and other non-Sunni muslims ISIS
ISIS moved their base to ____ and displaced many people. They control a large part of _____ too Iraq; Syria
_____ obtained uranium and developed a nuclear program that cause tensions with the UN. IN 2013, they got a new leader that led to better relations in working with them on their nuclear program but there is still tension Iran
Although there is a lot of conflict int he Middle East, there are a lot of ______, including the Pan-Arabism movement and the ____ League Alliances; Arab
_____ is the religion and _____ are the people who follow it Islam; Muslims
Islam's sacred cities: Mecca; Medina
Mecca is not just the sacred city of Islam, but it is also an important commerce center ____ route to Europe Trade
______ are critical to Muslim cities because they are a place or worship, the courthouse, hospital, school and assembly center Mosque
The 2 Islamic Sects are the _____ and _____ Sunni; Shi'a
Islamism is NOT fundamentalism, which is a strict adherence to the fundamentals of a religious system. Islamism is and _____-________ and anti-imperial political movement Anit-Western
Islamism resists western forces of ______, especially modernization and secularization Globalization
Muslims are NOT _____ Islamists
ISIS believes in a global post national society based on ____ Isla
Muslim peaceful struggle to establish Islam as a universal religion through the conversion of non-believers Jihad
A more focused form of Jihad that interprets any war against their enemies as a Holy War Quital
Created by: scarangelo
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