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Geo Ch. 4 #4


The division of Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire by European's was called the _____ system Mandate
The provinces of the Mandate system were supposed to become ______ and govern themselves, but after 50 years, the people _______ against European presence and by the end of WWII the region had gained independence Independent; Revolted
After WWI, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Tunisia adapted the Nationalization of _______ Development Economic
The Nationalization of Economic Development was the conversion of key industries from _____ to _____ operation and control Private; Governmental
The Nationalization of Economic Development led to poor economics, _____ living standards, and debt and many states were forced to ______ their economies Declining; Privatize
Many countries in the region made money from ______ which is called ______ Oil; Petrodollars
The high________ on oil production in the oil states leaves the economics highly vulnerable to fluctuations in the _____ for oil Dependence; Demand
Some oil states have begun to diverse to ______, trade, and urban development Tourism
There are social _______ across MENA, with most of the region being _____ despite wealth created by oil production Inequalities; Poor
Most of the wars/conflicts in MENA stem from the ______ period when ________ were put in place Colonial; Borders
The most unifying force in MENA has been the _____ of Islam, _____ language, and culture Religion; Arabic
Growing economic and _____ differences and growing interest in ______ reform in straitening MENA with further division Class; Democratic
Culture differences between _____ (Iran) and _____ (Iraq) have led to conflict Persians; Arabs
Arab/Iraq religion is: Sunni
Persian/Iran religion is ______ Shi'a
Conflict between the Sunni's and Shi'a's comes from the ______ government giving political rule to the ______ over the Shi'a and Kurds British; Sunni
Kurdistan (Kurds) are _____ Islamic people in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran Non-Arab
Kurds are an ethnic _____ and have faced oppression and discrimination in Turkey, so many have moved to Western Europe Minorities
A region of MENA where brutal violence began in 2003, sudanese government tried to end rebellion by eliminating all tribal Africans in the area Darfur
African Arab militia who did brutal ethnic cleaning in Africa Janajweed
Sudanese people who remain in their home country as refugees because of civil conflict or human rights violations are called ______ Displaced Persons (IDP) Internally
The desire for an independent homeland for the Jewish People Zionism
_______ Declaration supported legal migration of _____ to Palestine Balfour; Jews
________ were against the Balfour Declaration because the Jews were taking their homeland Palestinians
The UN split Palestine up into ____ and ____ states Jewish; Arab
Jews proclaimed the state of Israel as their own and war broke out known as the First _____- ______ War Arab; Israeli
Created by: scarangelo
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