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Geo Mod 7 #1

Geo Mod 7 Sub Saharan Africa

Sub Saharan region includes _____ south of the ______ Desert Africa; Sahara
The Sub Saharan region is based upon similar lifestyle and a shared history of ________ and the _____ trade Colonialism; Slave
There are no similarities in the Sub Saharan region based on political unification, philosophy, ______, language etc. Religion
In comparison with other world regions, Sub Saharan Africa is ______, more rural, younger population, ____ growing, NOT benefited from globalization Poorer; Fast
Sub Saharan Africa regions has _____ soil except in the ________ Highlands and Rift Valley (Rwanda and Burundi) Poor; Ethiopian
Sub Saharan Africa region has previous ______ Minerals
Sub Saharan Africa is experiencing _______ due to vulnerability and high population pressures, especially in ______ Desertification; Sahel
Pastoral ________ and transhumance occur in Sub Saharan Africa Nomadism
Sub Saharan Africa is vulnerable to _____ Drought
There is deforestation happening in the Sub Saharan Africa in the ______ Rainforest in the Congo Basin and ________ Ituri; Madagascar
Sub Saharan Africa has widespread _______ which many are vector born (insect transmitted) Disease
______ tourism is popular in Sub Saharan Africa Safari
The is _____ poaching and _____ trade harming many species in Sub Saharan Africa Illegal; Ivory
Many African nations are vulnerable to _____ change due to widespread poverty and their dependence on subsistence ____ and drought prone environments Climate; Agriculture
The population in Sub Saharan Africa is _____ rapidly Increasingly
Family size in the Sub Saharan Africa tends to be ______ with TFRs averaging around______ kids per woman Large; 5-6
There is a _____ child and infant mortality rate in Sub Saharan Africa High
The is a ____ life expectancy rate and it has fallen lower due to _____ Low; HIV/AIDS
There is a significant _____ to _____ migration trend with 37% urban population Rural; Urban
There is a growth in ______ settlements Squatter
Overall, Sub Saharan Africa has a low population _______ Density
Sub Saharan Africa has ______ infrastructure due to lack of ______ Poor; Investment
Sub Saharan Africa has a rural life which means lack of access to _____, education, employment, and _____ Healthcare; Energy
Created by: scarangelo
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